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EDMS- Top 4 use cases in Manufacturing Firms

EDMS in Manufacturing

Our previous article presented a glance over the importance of the documentation process in manufacturing firms. Numbers of advantages of using the electronic document management system were communicated in the blog. So, this succeeding blog will be talking about the four main use cases of the EDMS system in any manufacturing firm.

The operations in manufacturing firms are not limited to just the production of logistics. But, it takes support from several other processes in the firm. Manufacturing requires the raw materials which are received through supply. The forecasting is used to manufacture a specific quantity of logistics. The management of existing and new logistics is the other big task. In the end, the transportation process helps to deliver the logistics to the retailers and customers. Communication with all the stakeholders also plays a vital role.

Most importantly, the validity of all these processes is verified by the documents only. As discussed earlier, “If is not in the documents, it didn’t happen”. The production unit, the raw material received, the transportation used, the forecast, orders, and all other data are stored in the documents only.

EDMS in the process

EDMS system helps the manufacturing firms to store and use this bulk of data in a more organized and managed way. It is neither safe nor a good idea to keep the physical files and papers for the documents of this much importance. The chances of different physical damage will always be a threat to the data and information of your firm.

Electronic Document Management System works to eliminate the chances of these risks. Moreover, the EDMS aims at smoothening the documents and information flow across the different departments & operational units of the firm.

Here are the top four user cases of EDMS in the different departments of the manufacturing industry:

Supply chain management

Supply chain management is one of the most important parts of any manufacturing firm. It works as the connecting bone between the market and the manufacturing firm. Electronic Document Management System like docEdge DMS helps to organize all the information about the supply of logistics in a well managed and digital format and thus make it more accessible.

The information about the different suppliers, the logistics received, logistics sent, the payment received and given, the quantity, date and time, etc. can be managed in a categorized and integrated system. Any paper can be signed and then sent to the other party as well. It makes the supply chain process very efficient and timeliness.

Logistics management

Manufacturing is all about logistics. A manufacturing firm makes the production strictly on a proper calculation of supply and demand. To perform this necessary calculation, the information such as demand in the market, logistics available in the market, logistics available in the warehouse, the need for new production, supply and material required for the manufacturing, and other bulk of information has to be analyzed.

All of this information comes in the form of documents. Any mistake in this process can cost a loss of millions of dollars to the firm. So, Electronic Document Management System removes the chances of mistakes and thus provides every data at the fingertips within moments.

Accuracy in accounting and finance

Due to the contribution of the different processes in the manufacturing firms, there is a lot of accounting and finance work. Taking the example, a firm has to keep a record of the payment done to different suppliers, the payment received from the other party, quantity of inventories, salary of the staff, spending on the different departments, cash in-flow, cash out-flow, and many more.

So, thousands of documents have to be managed only for accounting and finance. EDMS takes this headache away from you. The Electronic Document Management system allows you to manage all of your documentation and finance data in a digital format. So, it also becomes easier to share, retrieve and present the data for future use.

Complete control over transportation

A manufacturing firm is associated with the number of transportation service providers according to their respective market size. So, an electronic document management system helps keep a record with every transport associate and partner.

An efficient record of inventories traveling with a specific fleet along with the quantity and other specifications can be maintained. Moreover, the necessary documents can also be transferred digitally to the fleet drivers so that chances of document damage can also be avoided.

Wrapping up

EDMS has the potential of enhancing the management of different processes in manufacturing firms. It eliminates the chances of error and thus makes the documentation even smoother and well organized.

Whether your organisation is looking to go paperless or to automate business processes, our line of products are the Umbrella Platforms for your needs. Reach Us

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Re-shape your Documentation Process- Shake Hands with Emerging Technology

documentation process

Papers were invented 2000 years ago in China which changed the face of communication forever. The appearance and ingredients of paper have changed but the purpose remained the same. The invention in any age takes place according to the need of that specific time. So, the invention of paper was undoubtedly a marvelous discovery at a time when information was limited and the use of information was also limited.

But today we live in the age of information. Millions of paper sheets are used every hour, maybe never to be looked at again. So, it indicates perfectly that the invention of paper was not meant to support the management of information in the 21st century. That’s why docEdge is here, to make the documentation process efficient, smooth, and faster.

I can bet when the paper was discovered, there were no terminologies like corporations, mail, hacking, stakeholders, breaching, etc. As a result, documents were more than sufficient to fulfill the requirements. But today, embedding the information on a piece of paper is not sufficient but the management of the information is more important. docEdge is designed considering the same.

Let’s go in detail about docEdge DMS

docEdge is a Document Management Software developed by PERICENT that helps businesses to meet their overall document processing needs. The software provides a bucket full of features to perform the numerous tasks relevant to the documentation in business. It allows multiple users to come together on the interface and share the information. Hence, docEdge leaves no scope for the communication gap in the organization.

Capabilities of docEdge to Support Documentation Process

It might be complicated to talk about the capabilities of docEdge just in the random lines of a paragraph as there are a lot of these. So, let’s talk about the capabilities one by one for a better understanding of yours.

Makes your documents digitally managed

Along with the information, it is the age of technology. So if the technology is embedded, it will always be well managed because human makes mistakes, technology doesn’t. docEdge follows the same principle and thus takes your documentation process in digital format. Having done that, completely eliminates the risk of physical damage to the documents.

docEdge works in the centralized format as well, so that you don’t have to switch between folders and files. It significantly enhances the efficiency as you got all your documents in one place- safe and secure.

Easy capture

The magnificent capture capabilities of docEdge play an important role in transforming the physical information into the digital one. Optical character recognition is the first capture method utilized by the software to make the documentation process smooth and more efficient.

OCR helps to scan the document image and thus save it in the editable pdf format. As of the current scenario, OCR is offered by very limited document management software and docEdge is proud to be one of those. Moreover, it is also capable of capturing the data through e-forms. You can also save the important emails in document formats with docEdge.

Organize better

docEdge organizes the documents using multiple features to enhance your experience. It supports all the documents formats so you don’t have to switch between applications. It has topic tagging to enhance your search experience. Ensures the auto versioning to keep your similar files stored with numbering formats. Overall, docEdge scales up our experience with the documents.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are big challenges in this age. If information gets into unethical hands, the business might need to pay a heavy price for it. So docEdge provides complete security and safety to your documents. A feature of docEdge allows you to give access to a specific person for a specific document.

Let alone the people from outside, even the employees working in your company will not be able to access the specific data as long as you chose to. So the whole of your documentation process becomes more safe and more secure than ever before.

Better traceability

docEdge provides the next-level traceability feature for the documents. It understands that data is very precious to business and thus keeps every record of it. With docEdge, you will be able to trace every single detail about the person sharing the document, the time of sharing, the person receiving the document, the person editing, opening, and reading the document as well as the identify the changes that have been made in the document and many more.

Take away

So, give your organization a treat by instilling the technology in the process. Make the document safe, secure, and well-managed and increase the life of these important sources of information.

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Is Document Automation the Future of all Documents

Document Automation

Businesses around the world are evolving at an exceptional pace with the help of technology. The use of the automation process is not only “Good to Have” factor but has become an integral part of the business operational process for their survival in the market.

From the management of customers to the management of finance, everything is being performed with the help of technology. Still, one of the big areas which are undoubtedly one of the most important operations for any firm or business is talked very less about. The area is “Document Automation”.

When the question “Is document automation the future of all documents?” arises, there is no way that it can be answered NO for any reason. On the contrary, document automation is not only the future of all the documents but the present of all the documents as well. Let alone the big businesses, firms, and industries, the evolution of document automation can be observed in the day-to-day life of common students getting an education in the different parts of the world.

Most of the colleges and educational institutions have already adopted the trend of electronic notes and assignments for their programs and thus all the documentation between the students and management of the institution takes place in the electronic format only. This example is sufficient to indicate how quickly document automation is taking over the different industries.

Some Document Automation and Management System Facts

We can never question the future of the Electronic Document Management System as nothing is going to eliminate technology in the upcoming time. Will not it be more interesting to prove the statement with help of some real-time data? So, let’s head toward the data and numbers which effectively indicate the future of the Document Management System market.

The document management market system was recorded to have a valuation of around USD 3.09 billion in 2016. The same market is expected to reach a valuation of around USD 6.78 billion by 2023. It efficiently indicates a CAGR of 11.17% in a period of 8 years. Ignoring the CAGR, the data efficiently indicates that the industry will be achieving the valuation twice within a span of 8 years which is undoubtedly significant.

Why Document Automation is Document’s Future

The documents undoubtedly are one of the integral assets for the firm and thus the management of documents is also equally important. With the increasing size of the markets and a big area of operations, it is not possible for the firms to stick to the traditional form of document management.

Time is money:

When a company has to serve their products and services to the customers of different markets and countries, the time is nothing less than money for them. Also, managing the operations at all the different locations is never so easy and thus is not possible without the proper documentation.

For example, without the proper documentation, a firm cannot even open a small store in the market. In the scenario of globalization, a large network of documents is always going to be there for the smooth functioning of the firm in the different markets. This can only be achieved with the help of document automation only where the documents can be shared within moments irrespective of the distance.

Environment sustainability:

Every sector in the world is focusing on making its operational process more environmentally sustainable. But at the same time, documentation is one of the biggest factors within the firms that causes a negative impact on the environment. The use of physical paper negatively impacts the environment from the very beginning to last.

It initiates with cutting a tree, passes through the use of 10 liters of water for manufacturing every sheet of A4 paper, and emits carbon dioxide after burning at the last stage. So, it is going to be the biggest reason for the global shift of physical paper to electronic paper.

Accuracy is the priority:

Accuracy has been and will always be the priority of every organization no matter in which domain or sector they work. Here humans can never be 100% accurate but machines can be. Document automation will make sure that all the documents are in their defined place and are accessible with one click.

The chances of wrong documents being shared and the risk of important data breaching will also be avoided with the help of document automation only.

Long-term maintenance of documents:

The need for long-term storage and maintenance of documents is there and is always going to be there. So document automation is going to be the finest solution to meet this requirement. The documents stored in the digital format will not only be accessible within seconds but will also be safe from any kind of digital damage. There are not going to be the issue of paper damage, paper burned, or loss.

Wrapping Up

The need for electronic document management and document automation cannot be avoided in any circumstances of the present market scenario. So, in the last, it will not be wrong to say that Document Automation is the present, as well as the future of all the documents as the nature of the market, is not going to support the physical document for too long.

PERICENT helps to automate the documentation process for managing records and workflow of  that needs a set of activities to follow through.

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Real Advantage of Paperless Office

Paperless Office

Businesses don’t realize that the time spent looking for documents costs them dearly and is detrimental to their business (31% of respondents said that if they weren’t looking for documents, they would be spending time on business development). There are many benefits to a paperless office, some of which you might not even have thought about.

Pragmatically speaking, a paperless office doesn’t exist. Paper will always find its way into an organization. Vendors will send contracts. Customers will send purchase orders. Potential employees will bring resumes.

“Going paperless”—eliminating paper usage and managing documents in the cloud or web-based filing systems—sounds hip, smart, and eco-friendly. However, the reality is that paper still permeates the modern office. And businesses have been slow to start the transition.

Even though this is considered a myth, almost all organizations are aiming for going paperless nowadays.

A few of the advantages of going paperless

Business development

With the time saved, executives can spend their time more productively, on developing the business. According to the YouGov survey, 30% of business managers and directors would spend the time they save on business development.

Better customer service

A digital document management system allows you to access all customer data, retrieving information such as customer orders and documents, allowing your business to proactively provide customer service, and respond to inquiries faster.

E-mail efficiency

A digital document management system that communicates with your server-based email system will allow you to save emails into the system just like any other document, making it easy for you to search your email history.

Return on investment

Businesses do not need to spend a lot of capital in order to have a digital document management system. There are cost-effective choices that will allow you to see a return on investment in as little as 6 months.

Greater document security

The security of the information stored in digital format is much greater than the security of the documents that are filed in paper. In addition to the fact that it’s easier to restrict the access to confidential information stored in digital format, it is also easier and less expensive to make backups, so that if files get lost or a data theft occurs, it’s possible (and much easier) to retrieve the information.

Meanwhile, documents  on paper are much more exposed to accidents – leaks, floods, fires – and is much more easily accessible to third parties.

Less overhead costs

Digitizing documents has a direct impact on cost reduction. Not only because companies don’t need to buy as much paper as before, but because it also saves on maintaining printers and purchasing spare parts.

On the other hand, if all of a company’s documents are digitised and can be sent by email, there is no need to spend on mailings anymore.

Less space dedicated to file storage

Freeing the space dedicated to filing physical documents is also one of the main advantages of a paperless office. A digital document management system allows companies to archive everything in the cloud or on private company servers.

The space that is saved can be dedicated to expanding offices or other uses that bring more value to employees, such as a rest area to socialize with colleagues.

Automatic audit trail

Increasingly, businesses need to adhere to strict guidelines on compliance and need to store records for many years. With a digital document management system, there are no limits to the amount of documents you can store, and every document will have a unique number –automatically generating an audit trail. This also gives the ability to make changes to documents and still keep the original, helping with compliance and audit guidelines.


With a digital document management system, you can simplify many business processes. Users can action or authorise tasks and transfer data with the touch of a button. Ordering goods and authorising invoices are just two of the best examples of daily tasks that become more efficient when done digitally.

What did we conclude?

Looking at all of the above-mentioned advantages, more and more companies are being driven to eliminate the use of paper in all their business processes.

At Pericent BPM and BPM Software, we’re already a paperless office, and we firmly believe in the benefits of document scanning and digital document management systems.

We are on a mission to help every organization become a part of the digital world by being a paperless office with the use of docEdge DMS.

If you would like to try docEdge for digitizing your documents and managing them online, request for a demo and try it free for 14 days.


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