EDMS : Enhance Operational Process of Manufacturing Industry

Electronic Document Management System for manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is nothing less than the backbone of any country. For example, the manufacturing industry contributes around 17% of the total GDP. Moreover, the industry has been growing at a rate of 9-10% every year since 2003. But, these facts and figures are not what make it the backbone of the country. It is the importance and contribution of the manufacturing industry that makes it so. The industry fulfills the thousands of needs of billions of people in day-to-day life. Vehicles, packed food, clothes, medicines, lifestyle products, and other million of needs are fulfilled by the manufacturing industry only.

But, do you know what the backbone of the manufacturing industry is? It is the documentation and record-keeping process of the industry. Manufacturing firms have a phrase common in them, “If it is not noted down, it didn’t happen“. So, documents are more important than the actual transaction taking place.

Electronic Document Management System is a digital platform to keep these important assets of the industry safe, secure and well-managed. There are thousands of documents such as purchase, supply, sell, cash flow, name, companies, raw material, labor cost, etc. So, the document management system provides the integrated platform for the efficient management of these documents.

For better understanding, the following are the five use cases of Electronic Document Management System in the manufacturing industry:

Streamlining the different stages of manufacturing

First of all, the Electronic Document Management System helps to streamline the documentation process of manufacturing firms. It will provide an integrated platform for document management while still maintaining the different documents in different sections. So, the system will not mix up the data of marketing, raw material, sales, supply, salary, and logistics. However, it can be easily found on an integrated platform. So, becomes easy to store and manage all the important documents on a single platform. Hence EDMS provides a convenient and easy method for document management.

Search documents relevant to sales, production, supply or anything instantly

A manufacturing firm generates thousands of documents every year. So, getting the right document at the right time is nothing less than a miracle. Electronic Document Management System makes this miracle a part of your daily working routine. First of all, it works on an integrated platform. So, user can search any document within a moment. However, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the other feature that makes the searching process even easier. OCR helps to search for the document even if you don’t remember the name of the document. It can search the document with any keyword embedded in the document.

Share the document automatically with other parties

In manufacturing industry, Sharing the documents and papers from one stakeholder to another one is a big task. So, EDMS makes it simpler for you. As per the command of the user, the right document will be forwarded to the right stakeholder at the right time automatically. Moreover, even if you need to put a signature on the document, EDMS has the option for that as well.

Better control of documents

Control is a “must-have” requirement for the document in the manufacturing industry. So, Electronic Document Management System provides complete control of each document. With the help of EDMS, you will have complete authority to give access to a document. If you want to give access to a specific document to a specific person, EDMS allows you to do so.

Ahead of the curve for safety

The Electronic Document Management System enhances the safety of documents to a significant level. It not only gives them access feature to the user but also provides traceability options to the users. EDMS can trace any document very efficiently. EDMS has the capability to track any activity such as opening the document, sharing the document, forwarding the document, editing the document, the user who received or sent the document. Hence, it elevates the safety and security of a document significantly.

Wrapping Up

So Electronic Document Management System is a documentation infrastructure that helps the firm to become completely paperless. It makes the process faster, smoother, secure and efficient.

If you are planning to make the smart move and adopt the Electronic Document Management System, docEdge DMS is the best fit for you. It will help you to be more productive and efficient than all of your competitors.

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