bpmEdge BPMS

A Comprehensive BPM Infrastructure

BpmEdge BPMS


Simple to Complex, Adaptive Case Management, Decision Matrix, Business Rules, Universal Integration Capabilities

bpmEdge BPMS Platform, a completely web-based and mobile-based Low code application development platform that has all the features you need to build process-oriented applications with agility for your business. It offers the best end to end automation capabilities. It has everything you need to build an enterprise-class process automation application, in one affordable bpms software system.


Less Coding – More Configuration

Keeps shorter application development cycle. It’s a white-box development, a business user can see everything in process and workflow. It gives more control and agility.


low code

Low-Code Development

Get powerful things done fast with more by configuration, and scripting.


Ultimate Re-Usability

Increase developer productivity, ensure process governance and consistency across apps.

Fast Case Management

Fast Case Management

Support features to manage different processes of a customer processes together.


Zero-Efforts MobileZero-Efforts Mobile

Your processes are instantly available via mobile apps and desktop, all with no extra effort.

Instant DeploymentInstant Deployment

Launch a new app instantaneously, you can quickly roll it out to your entire user base.

Decision Automation

Decision Automation

Business Rule Engine framework with processes by business rules task.



Spontaneous Changes

Spontaneous Changes

Make changes on-the-fly and implement them in production with literally no downtime.

Zero ManagementZero Management

Free your apps from the need to be individually managed. bpmEdge BPM tools makes sure they’re running smoothly & automatically.

Powerful Architecture

Powerful Architecture

Create powerful, scalable, flexible applications ensuring process governance even faster development and maintenance output.




Decision Templating

Decision Templating

It allows you define decision matrix with very easy to use user interface.

Unstructured ProcessUnstructured Process

Supports execution of unstructured processes including case management process, were multiple processes are group together as a case.

Robotic AutomationRobotic Automation

Create powerful, scalable, flexible applications ensuring process governance even faster development and maintenance output.

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