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docEdge DMS is a enterprise content management software for everyone. Ironically, it would be easy to prepare a list of industries that don’t need a ECM. From healthcare firms to construction businesses, it is used across a wide range of industries. It is the preferred choice of small to medium businesses that need solutions for document storage, sharing, security and management.

docEdge DMS has already been adopted by varied industries and have proven to be an enormous cost and labor saver for them. If you too wish to incorporate enterprise content management software into your organization, but are unsure if it will fit your industries needs, read the industrial solutions below and find out how some of the leading industries adopted docEdge DMS and are using it successfully.

Industry Solutions

Financial Services
finance Industries

The Finance Industry is a paper intensive industry and involves the exchange of a large number of documents between individuals, departments and organizations.

A study by Coopers and Lybrand, now part of PWC, revealed that 90% of corporate memory exists only on paper, 7.5 % of those documents are lost daily, 4% of the remainder are misfiled.
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Government Buildings

The Finance, HR and other departments within local government have large volumes of paperwork to process on a daily basis. docEdge DMS is the one of the best solutions that can be adapted to organize and manage the wide range of documents.

We are currently working with a couple of local governmental organisations to provide a range of services to them.

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With ECM Software, you can store all your important files and records such as patient notes, charts, bills and insurance information and preserve them, so as to comply with healthcare regulations.

Being an incredibly efficient enterprise content management software, docEdge-DMS can smooth out processes within all industries and healthcare industry is no exception. Other than its immediate benefits such as less paperwork and filing and reduced need of storage space, docEdge-DMS allows you to capture all your important data within a secure, central repository, and link related documents, so that you can access them easily and quickly.

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Regardless of your core business, the one thing you can’t stop manufacturing is paper. Order forms, invoices, supply requests, employee records, Standard Operating Procedures, etc. often overwhelm your limited resources. Your staff is spending too much time in a paper shuffle.

Adhere to manufacturing standards and bring products to market faster with a quality management program supported by effective document control. docEdge-DMS is a enterprise content management software that supports lean manufacturing practices and quality management programs that drive a more efficient and ISO-compliant manufacturing process.

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Accuracy, as well as quick and easy access to client/case information are the key priorities for most law firms. docEdge – DMS has the capability to assist many law firms to achieve these priorities through providing scanning and archiving services, as well as a variety of carefully packaged enterprise management solutions.

Through docEdge – DMS we offer a number of services ideally suited to the needs of law firms. These include scanning services, data capture and electronic content management. Our highly secure services are completely trustworthy. If data security is paramount then look no further.

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Real Estate Management


Manage policies and procedures in compliance with real estate laws and regulations. Establish review procedures for the creation of property documents and notices, and inform owners and staff with automated notifications reminding them of milestones and deadlines.

docEdge DMS is an extremely efficient enterprise content management software that can smooth out all content management tasks within construction industry. Apart from the obvious benefits such as more efficiency in handling documents,it can also help by making retrieval, collaboration and securing easier. This means there will be less clutter on your desk and you can get information quickly.

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Customer Service (1)

BPO Industry produces a large amount of paperwork on daily basis. Enterprise content management software provides a variety of features such as creating PDF documents like brochures and handouts, integration with MS Office, so you can quickly create and save versions of Word and Excel files and scanning and OCR, so that you can create searchable PDFs from scanned documents.  docEdge – DMS is simple and intuitive software designed to be used in almost all types of organization. With docEdge- DMS, you can secure all your documents in an organized way, so that you don’t have to worry about losing them ever or having a hard time searching for them.
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Insurance Industries

Our insurance document scanning and data capture services have been designed to increase speed and efficiency in your organization. It is vital that critical documents such as claims and related correspondence flow from the point of entry (mail-room) to the claims handling team. Without the right system in place you will face such challenges as declining incomes, rising claims risk, fraud risk and both inaccurate customer and claims data. docEdge-DMS can help you overcome these challenges to streamline and optimize information flow across the business. This helps reduce costs, risk and increase both sales efficiency and customer service performance whilst achieving regulatory compliance.
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We are all well aware that the schools, colleges, universities, public or private, have large volumes of student records and educational files that must be carefully managed. docEdge DMS helps education administrators take control of paper and electronic documents to improve efficiency, lower cost, and speed operations with education content management.
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telecom Industries

Just like any other industry, the telecom industry also produces a huge bulk of documents.  Here the competition is very high and books are debt-ridden.  docEdge DMS helps the telecom industry take control of paper and electronic documents.  It also streamlines and optimizes information flow across the business. This helps reduce costs, risk and increase both sales efficiency and customer service performance whilst achieving regulatory compliance.
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