Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

In simple words, a BPO organization is responsible for performing a process of another business organization and providing services such as payrolls, human resources (HR), accounting and customer/call center relations, etc.

As competition in the BPO industry increases, speed and accuracy have become the most crucial section to enhance in it.

Paperless Industries and Process Automation is a bright vision of  Pericent in making an effort to continuously improve efficiencies on the manufacturing floor with the use of BPM and DMS Software, and make it a more enjoyable workplace by dramatically reducing the use of paper.

Importance of BPM & DMS Software in BPO Industry.

A BPM Software enables business process outsourcing companies to integrate client services and adopt intelligent automation to save clients money which ultimately is important for factors such as business risk mitigation, cost advantage, utilization improvement and superior competency leading to its All-in-One growth.

Whereas, a DMS Software provides a full range of general and optical enterprise content management (ECM) document control system at the back office, rapid turnaround times achieved through the document classification and indexing which enable BPO service providers to have to meet SLA’s and deliver highly visible customer service benefits.

Behind the scenes, the combination of document management and process automation technology delivers flawless document security because all your data is backed up and bank-level encrypted in the cloud document management system where it’s safely stored while handling processes for multiple clients.

How docEdge DMS Software Can Help?

Since docEdge DMS Software is an enterprise-grade digitization platform that allows BPO organizations and shared service centers to rapidly build complex data into simpler automated solutions to simplify compliance to serve their client project needs along with many other services such as:

  • Seamless capture solution from start to finish: When you choose docEdge DMS Software capture, you’re choosing a one-stop solution for all your document capture and indexing needs. From ingesting images from folders, locally attached scanners, or fax servers, to processing documents and finally migrating the images and data to docEdge cloud.
  • Full-blown document automation: docEdge capture’s automation technology that takes the pain out of document processing. With features like classification and advanced data routing, you can create a document workflow that eliminates or greatly reduces the need to perform manual tasks.
  • Unlimited licensing: The docEdge DMS Software ability to capture as many images as you need to in a given year is crucial for BPO companies that take on multiple large projects each year.

How bpmEdge BPM Software Can Help?

The decision to outsource a business process for any organization has far‐reaching consequences and risks. Their models and frameworks are reviewed to find the main risks in outsourcing.

One of the most important groups of risks is emergent Process Management issues arising from widespread outsourcing, but the use of bpmEdge BPM Software is a strategic process management tool which can minimize the outsourcing risks and pitfalls.

Communication and coordination difficulties between outsourcing partners is another group of risks that could be decreased by using the bpmEdge BPM Software approach in organizations and enable a BPO life-cycle.

BPM Software Features and Applications come in varied forms, you need to select the tools based on your specific needs.

Select A Digital Worker, A Champion Software, bpmEdge which manages the implementation process Quickly and Cost-Effectively providing Adaptive and Integrated Results.

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