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We’re more than just a technology vendor. We’re your strategic partner for your organization’s pillars, with over a decade of experience building and implementing technology solutions to improve bottom-line for various major enterprises around the world. Let us ensure your ROI and take you to next level. Let’s get moving.

Agile delivery. Outcomes in a real sense.

Our consulting team lives and breathes the docEdge DMS (Enterprise content management software) and bpmEdge BPMS ( Business process management Software) Platform delivering: quickly building high-quality, outcome-driven applications that evolve with the dynamic needs of your business.

In our consulting best practices services, our team study, analysis and suggest solutions to streamline your business operations as well as management of the process of your document with improved effectiveness and efficiency

  • Discovery & Blueprinting
  • Consulting & Re-engineering
  • Document Digitization
  • On-boarding & Classification
  • Solutions & Implementation

Here to help, every step in your way.

No matter where you are in your Pericent Platform Implementation Journey, our expert consultants can optimize your apps while coaching and mentoring your team.

We provide full consulting and implementation services for new clients taking on initiated complex digital transformation. As your people gain proficiency in our platforms(docEdge and bpmEdge), we become a complementary part of the project team. Whether we’re staffed for the project duration or just onsite for a few weeks, we fill in the gaps in roles or expertise, especially in highly specialized areas like human factors and performance.

It won’t be long before you’re entirely self-sufficient, but we’re always here for a tune-up or recommendations.

Take it to Another Level.

Once you start delivering results, those facts will travel fast – soon every business line will want to take advantage of Pericent Platform’s capabilities. Let’s connect with us & plan ahead for enterprise-wide adoption.

Our team supports every initiative you can imagine from digital transformation to Develops to creating a Center of Excellence. Along with the client, we’ll develop a complete strategy that leads to a higher degree of efficiency, lower cost, and a faster response, every time.

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