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Digital Inside is still a long way to go in Government! A reality check in government departments in many states by the team. Actually, we found internally almost all the departments are functioning with traditional paper based processes even current software system not enough to drive things easily! They seems Read More...
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Build Digital IQ of an organisation by embracing bpmEdge BPMS software platform by implementing an integrated digital nervous system.  The bpmEdge software platform aim to help companies orchestrate resources, route work to the right people, automate routine manual tasks, and enable self-service where none existed before. In a business landscape Read More...
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Can we replace ERP with BPM or are they complementary? The people are getting confused since working in both BPM/ERP, as BPM/ERP is not just software, but a “holistic management approach” or a “business strategy“. Business Process Management (BPM) revolves around business processes. However, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) revolves around Read More...
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