Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

An Advanced Feature That Increases The Searchability Of The Documents


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is intelligence that reads or detects the texts from the scanned image, PDFs, files, other documents, and even from videos and audios. This technology is a huge leap in the field of optical science and automation.

In today’s technology-driven fast-moving world, work should be done faster than before. OCR helps in quicker and efficient results instead of manual entry of the documents. It extracts the text data from the scanned document and stores it in the system. It also helps in recognizing the text data while searching.

docEdge DMS is one of the best document management software that allows you to scan the documents efficiently. The technology used in our DMS software is capable to identify text even in the scanned image document. docEdge DMS can read and identify text from scanned PFD files. It comes with built-in OCR support as well as integration with Google Vision API – AI/ML-based OCR platform, and Google Vision API supports almost all kinds of recognized languages.