Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition – OCR


Optical Character Recognition or OCR is the process of reading or detecting texts from images, pdf files, scanned images, text files even from video and audio, etc. This technology is a huge leap in the field of optical science and automation.

Nowadays, we are using OCR for quicker and efficient output instead of manual entry. In many situations, we have given a photocopy of our photo identity and address proofs, etc. Afterward, they upload a scanned copy of the document into the system. And, the system extracted text data and store it into the database.

Here, the usage of OCR is manifold, here OCR extracted the text, so the document can be searched, edited, stored or used for some other purpose as well.  Also, the translating scripts, e-books, and articles using this technology are rapidly becoming familiar and its significance lies in the fact that almost all the recent technological creations have this feature.


docEdge DMS provides you an end-to-end document management solution, which includes scanning your documents. We are providing professional scanning services that usually produces images in TIFF format. The main advantage of the TIFF image format is that it retains image quality – TIFF uses “lossless” compression. And, this makes it easier for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to “read” the text in the scanned images more accurately. With the help of Google Vision API is one of the first DMS solutions to offer Hindi OCR.

docEdge DMS is able to read the text from the PDF files generated and the search engine indexes the text. This makes a full-text keyword search possible against OCRed images.

docEdge DMS comes with built-in OCR support as well as integration with Google Vision API – AI/ML-based OCR platform. Here, Google Vision API supports almost all kinds of recognized languages.

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