Document Management System For Healthcare


All your files on patient notes, healthcare, charts, billing records, and other paper and electronic documents are managed in a secure, document management system where files are searchable and instantly retrievable. docEdge DMS provides professionals with an easy-to-use system for managing all categories of documents electronically and in compliance with regulations such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act 2010,  Clinical Establishments (Central Government) Rules 2012 etc.

In the last few years, healthcare and medical agencies have embraced complex technical innovations and treatment methods, making quality management a must. Being an incredibly efficient document management software, docEdge-DMS can smooth out processes within all industries, and the healthcare industry is no exception.

The healthcare and medical industry is growing at a remarkable speed and it has become significant to go for an approach that on one hand does not sacrifice quality, care and management and on the other hand, does not compromise on speed.

How docEdge DMS can help in Health Sectors?

With Document Management System for Healthcare, you can store all your important files and records such as patient notes, charts, bills and insurance information and preserve them, so as to comply with healthcare regulations as mentioned above.

Being an incredibly efficient Record Management Software, docEdge DMS can smooth out processes within all industries, and the healthcare industry is no exception.

Other than its immediate benefits such as less paperwork and filing and reduced need of storage space, docEdge DMS allows health care industry to capture all your important data within a secure, central repository, and link related documents, so that you can access them easily and quickly.

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