bpmEdge BPMS

Foundation of Digital Nerve System

Foundation Of Digital Nerve System

A Medium to Synergies Integration of Man, Machine and Mandate

bpmEdge BPMS Software Platform

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Build powerful and end to end integrated process enable applications.

For Medium and Large Enterprises


bpmEdge delivers the speed of enterprise low-code and the power of business rules automation. It’s the main weapon to put your Digital Transformation on the fast track.

bpmEdge from Pericent Technologies is a low code/no code BPM platform for building and operating workflow-driven business applications. Innovative and unique, bpmEdge business process management software offers faster time-to-value, greater flexibility, and deeper insight into your business than any other  bpm software.


Less coding and more configuration

Keeps shorter application development cycle. It’s white-box, business user can see everything in process and workflow. Gives more control and agility.

Intelligent Automation means Smarter Applications

bpmEdge combines business process management, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, data and integrations into intelligent automation that sets you apart from the pack.  Automate any process end-to-end without the need for custom code — and then make your processes smarter.

Integrate almost everything.

Combine and orchestrate all your enterprise data, systems and web services without writing any code.

Everyone need the full picture—but your enterprise data lives in isolated system. Databases, systems, file servers, data buckets, external web services: no problem. bpmEdge lets you get everything from everywhere together quickly with low-code with configuration.

It’s fast. Amazingly fast.

Empower your internal IT teams and developers to bridge the collaboration gap to get enterprise apps done fast. Speed is what separates the digital leaders from the afterthoughts. bpmEdge fast app creation is the right tool for digital leaders.




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