Our Solutions for Insurance Industry

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In recent times, long-lasting low-interest phases and increased damage claims, as well as increased costs, have made their mark on the insurance branch. High-quality data stocks are the prerequisite for optimal company-wide data administration in the insurance industry. In particular, this applies to the integration of differing insurance divisions, because a comprehensive view of the customer is often missing.

BPM and DMS Software enable you to make well-founded business decisions and ensure efficient and exact workflows tailored precisely to the needs of your company.

This BPM and DMS Software serves as a platform for your data management and creates the prerequisites for data exchange between external business partners and internal applications in accordance with branch standard.

Why docEdge DMS Software?

docEdge DMS is used for database management. This enables the company to reduce its administrative cost and time.

  • The docEdge DMS is an effective and economical DMS Solution for administering your customer master data and enables you to have a 360° view of your customers.
  • Pericent Technologies ensures that no redundant data-set remain in your customer databases. However, high data quality is not only important for effective customer segmentation; it is enormously important for representative customer analyses too.

With data quality initiatives like docEdge DMS from Pericent Technology, you create the prerequisites for complying with the demands of clients covering the quality of your company data.