Digital Worker

Digital Worker – Integrated Human Automation

digital worker

Digital worker is an automation platform that automates interaction with a user interface as to how humans do use the same. A digital worker is a team member that is trained or configured to carry out the process just like any employee, only faster and without mistakes. Probably, all teams would have digital workers alongside humans in the future.

One digital worker can manage one or more processes or tasks. Additionally, it can be trained to prioritize selected tasks.

Digital Workers would revolutionize the way we work. The deployment of the digital workforce is fast with a low-cost level since no changes are required to the existing information systems. Work is continuously flawless and stable. And most importantly, digital workers certainly help organizations rapidly increase their productivity.

Digital workers can work perfectly on rule-driven knowledge work tasks. Combining that with machine learning and other AI technologies allows organizations to automate more complex tasks and free up people to more strategic work.

bpmEdge BPM Platform is utilizing the power of TagUI to perform Robotic Human tasks along with its interface with AI/ML by Google and AWS platform.

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