Document Routing & Workflow

Document Routing & Workflow

docEdge DMS provide a feature to model your document routing process. And, publish it to attach with particular document.

Intuitive drag & drop graphical workflow designer

An intuitive, user-friendly tool to map and streamline any of your unique organisational processes.

  • Visio-style look and feel
  • Drag and drop queues onto canvas to easily draw the workflow
  • Connect work-steps with the click of a mouse
  • Publish workflows for immediate use or save them without activating them.
  • Unlimited number of workflow scenarios

Audit Trails and Visibility

For every organisational document, know who has interacted with it, when that interaction occurred, what was done, and to whom it was passed for the next stage of processing

  • Track and display workflow histories for each document
  • Workflow history logs show who, where, what and when
  • Visual display of where a document is in a workflow at any point
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