What is a Business Rules Engine (BRE)?

Business rules are defined as rule sets or reusable objects embedded into a workflow (or form) to control what is next triggered depending on the conditions present. A business rules engine then manages those business processes separating business logic information in a way that allows for improved performance and increased agility.

Often it is used to evaluate data that was entered into a form field to return a list or value and then make a dynamic decision based on the result. Business rules engine software allows users to manage and create business rules that capture workflow to improve business performance.

Maximised enterprise performance is the name of the game in today’s highly-competitive market. High levels of efficiency, lean models, effective workflows, responsive customer interactions, and good governance all lead to a healthy bottom line.


bpmEdge BPMS using Drools as Business Rules Engine

bpmEdge BPM is comprehensive BPMS software that incorporates a business rules engine which empowers users to rapidly implement and automate complex business processes. bpmEdge’s business rule configuration includes advanced Business Rules Language and Decision Matrix aide in decision making. bpmEdge is a leading BPM software and the rules engine is a core element in the software, offering the following benefits:

Automation in Business Processes

Create and streamline business processes for improved process efficiency and reduced costs. Save time and money by eliminating or reducing down time and data entry redundancies. Create a single point of data for more robust and easier to find information from any internet connected device.

Easy Integration and Compatibility

In the past, organisations with heterogeneous types of software, hardware, and practices meant often data was lost with new software integration. Or, it meant heavy coding and IT resources were needed to integrate legacy data with new technology. Not anymore! Enterprise application integration is made easy with bpmEdge no/low code BPM software.

Better Decision Making Capabilities

Improved tracking, reporting, and monitoring of processes allows you to search quickly to find important information. Real time reports on results with real time information or see if a task or set of tasks aren’t expected to be on-time and intervene for better management and decision making.

Improved Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Specific user permissions, audit trails,  electronic signature technology, automated approval workflows, and multiple document version management allow for significantly improved regulatory compliance issues. Easily find information without complex, and unsecured offline filing.

Ability to Scale and Grow

Agility can be the difference between being a market leader or failing. The ability to scale and make process changes quickly allows for a healthy bottom line regardless of changes in market conditions. Real time alerts and dynamic automation allow for business ebb and flow.

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