Document Management System in Manufacturing

Industry 4


In any manufacturing industry, order forms, invoices, supply requests, employee records, Standard Operating Procedures, etc. often overwhelm the limited resources. Too much time and money gets spent on searching, sorting and managing of the documents. There is a way to keep this ever-growing volume of documents in check and you can do that without having to give much of a thought on your budget.

Keeping manufacturing standards in line, a quality management program supported by effective document control can help you bring products faster in the market. docEdge DMS is a document management system that supports manufacturing practices and quality management programs that drive a more efficient and ISO-compliant manufacturing process.

How docEdge DMS Can Help?

  • Store all your documents, not just scanned paper and PDFs, including auto-cad diagrams, video training, etc.
  • Add notes to documents.
  • Keep all incoming email, attachments and faxes in the same repository as scanned documents.
  • Ensure confidentiality, security and compliance
  • Full Text Search to quickly find and retrieve information.
  • Store and easily retrieve reports.
  • Add workflow to automate routing of invoices, reports and similar documents.
  • Scan every document and record and eliminate the paper copy.