Simplifies Compliances

Simplified Compliance

Unifies Compliance Objectives of Authorities and Organization.

Simplified Compliance

docEdge DMS not only manages your files and media assets but it also plays an active role in simplifying compliance that is ingrained into most of the business processes.

Compliance and regulatory requirements have become a difficult territory to navigate, especially concerning the increasing specificity of compliance standards by the industries. When the features of a enterprise content management software are considered in tandem with the laws relevant to industries, docEdge DMS is the one that upholds, simplifies, and ensures compliance as per the regulations of the company.

Various authorities commanding an array of industries are advocates of enterprise content management system employment because it generally simplifies and expedites compliance processes. However, merely scanning and uploading content to a document management system will not always ensure compliance, sometimes it requires adaptation from either the organization using ECM itself or the ECM vendor.

Ensures Retention & Deletion Schedules for Documents.

Enterprise content management software is becoming imperative especially for the organizations concerned about storing documents or needing retention schedules a decade in length or longer to ensure compliance. Traditionally, such entities used to store files physically in cabinets, folders, or in silos which always results in damage and spotting to the documents over time. But the adaption of docEdge DMS has been proved to be the best decision for these organization as it ensures lengthy retention of e-files and aids to maintain & ensure compliance.

The increasing legislation in many industries pushes the rate of data breaches in organizations not using ECM in the past many years. Thus, enterprise content management software is becoming the medium by which increasing legislative requirements could be met with poise, ease, and confidence.

docEdge DMS – Prevents Data Breaches Worldwide.

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common nowadays, especially the internal data breaches (ones conducted by the employees who work within and for the organization). Thus, it is becoming crucial for every organization to step forward to prevent such breaches.

To ensure maximum use of docEdge DMS’s security features on an internal basis, it is crucial to apply appropriate user permissions to safeguard the information. The external auditors can penalize the companies for merely allowing all the employees within the organization to view specific documents or content, especially the sensitive organizational files or clients’ information. It is very easy with docEdge DMS to set multilevel permissions and access to the contents for all the employees working within the organization.

A ECM system transcends the breach-susceptible aspects of email via bank-grade, SSL encryption is usually the safest bet for file sharing.

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