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Consulting And Services

We offer best practices consulting services for the enterprise content management software and business process management that are customized to solve all your specific business needs, so you will save a lot of time and money in deployment, system migration, integration, and business process implementation.

You don’t need particular skills to deploy and fine-tune docEdge DMS, since our prerogative is to give you the most simple ECM Software available in the market, but in any case, you can always count on or multilingual team for Professional Services. We can assist you, perhaps in your preferred languages or through the direct intervention of our local partner.

Professional Services are particularly appreciated in those situations where you don’t have in-house technical resources so that our professional services can guarantee an easy and fast way to perform a successful deployment.

In order to expedite the deployment and integration of a enterprise content management software, we provide the following services

Professional Services Overview—Reduce Risk while Increasing Value

The Pericent Consulting & Professional Services team eliminates the risk associated with investing in new technology while lowering your total cost of ownership. Our seasoned team offers peace of mind before, during, and after your Business Process implementation. While keeping in mind our end goal: A rapid return on your investment.

Leveraging a rich knowledge base over the last 10 years, Pericent has successfully deployed hundreds of real-world processes.

Pericent Services provides a wide range of programs that ensure the rapid implementation of your automated BPM solutions. And with a highly trained staff of workflow consultants, you can be assured that your implementation will be done securely and provide maximum performance, reliability and scalability.


A proper installation is important of every reliable system. The Pericent Installation Service would ensure that your installation matches the requirements and is configured correctly to handle your needs.

In order to ensure an appropriate configuration, an experienced Pericent Product Specialist will work closely with you, onsite and via telephone. The successful installation will be completed with custom documentation and backup recommendations.


Every system needs to be performing on its full scale in order to get maximum output. Sometimes configuration settings and bottlenecks cause the systems to not work efficiently and the desired goals cannot be achieved.

Pericent has created a set of tools and procedures to test and confirm the current running state of your Pericent environment. After thorough examination from an Pericent Product Specialist, we’ll give you a detailed report on findings, and suggest ways to help, fix and optimise your system usability and processing capability, as well as identify potential issues that may impact production. If needed, our Product Specialist can assist with applying the suggested changes.

Emergency System Support

In emergency situations, such as a system down or critical issue, Pericent needs remote access to the affected system in order to check, investigate and analyse the issue. If your company’s security policy does not allow remote access to your system, Pericent product experts are ready to visit you to provide the Emergency System Support in order to help. The Emergency System Check Service will aid in identifying the issue quickly and effectively. It is one of Peircent Health Check Services and will be delivered as an on-site visit for two days in order to investigate the issue.


Ensure a Smooth Upgrade and Migration with the Pericent Product Upgrade Service
Pericent supports the upgrade of its software (deployment) and required hardware in an IT environment. Good resource planning and management are essential to package and distribute a release successfully. The Pericent Upgrade Service (as part of Pericent products Release Management) takes a holistic view of a change to a BPM environment and ensures that all aspects of an upgrade, both technical and non-technical, are considered together.

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