Document Indexing

Document Indexing

One of The Core Features of docEdge DMS

Document Indexing
Document Indexing is one of the simplest yet crucial processes of putting tags on the documents which allows the documents to be found immediately. This is done through meta-data that summarizes the basic information about the text in the documents. It makes finding files easier and thus allows the user to access any documents at any time within clicks. Document indexing provides a long-term solution to the problems of document storage, access, organization, and protection. Any business, regardless of size or industry, needs to carry on a document handling process and indexing documents is one of the most important points to pay attention to. Proper indexing helps to attain a smooth and efficient document handling process.

Let’s Check Out The Crucial Benefits Of Document Indexing:

  • Searchability: Document indexing helps the user to make a substantial yet robust control over the search-ability of the documents so that the documents or the files could be found instantly at any time in need.
  • Distribution: When documents are reachable within seconds, improvement in the process of information distribution within the organization can be seen.
  • Easy Retrieval: As the indexing feature enhances the searchability of files and documents, it becomes schematic to retrieve any file in need.

Conventional indexing offers a lot of potential advantages for the entire business such as enhanced decision making, improving the flow of information, preserving the organization’s knowledge & information, and many others. Although these benefits are difficult to measure as these all still depend on the entire management team how they use and manage the document they have for their decision making and business process. But, when documents in business are stored in an organized manner with proper indexing and are reachable easily when in need, the management process be swift.

Document Indexing – The Key to Unlock Process Efficiency

Every business is different and has a unique organizational structure from the process of work to the flow of delegation, from the management policies to the client handling traits. docEdge DMS document indexing feature breezes the process of finding the documents from the storage. There are various types of indexes. If the documents are in text documents, you may need to index them for a full-text search where you can find a phrase relevant to the text in the document.

There is a number of ways to search for a document through the indexing process. For example, if you want to search for an invoice document, you might type in the text like invoice date, invoice number, vendor name, purchase order number, etc. The searching text may vary for every file type depending on its character of it. The default system indexing might be a date or the doc type or any other identifier that describes the file character.

Automation of Data Indexing

Intelligent indexing of documents means crucial metadata is applied while the system development, based on the information contained within the document. For example, if the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software detects the document is an invoice, it will capture the document, index it, and automatically store it to the appropriate location.

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