Sharing Effortlessly

Sharing Document Effortlessly

Document Sharing

Unknowingly or knowingly, we normally spend a lot of time attaching files to emails and sending multiple versions across your organization. Often, we need to allow and let our colleagues, customers or partners access to important documents. Doing this through email is inefficient, especially if the document is to be shared with multiple people, and everybody has to make edits. It simply leads to multiple copies and versions of the same file floating around, and overall disorder that leads to lots of confusion or mistakes.

There’s a better way. Instead, you can easily share documents within docEdge DMS.

Easily email documents (either as an attachment or as ticket URL with expiry date) that are stored in the docEdge DMS. Any documents can be emailed directly to team members, partners, suppliers, or customers.

When sending files, it is important to send the file in a manner that allows other users to access the information while keeping sensitive data safe, so you can send via email while keeping the document password protected.

docEdge DMS allows you to share documents via multiple channels.

  • Manual Download via Portal and Share
  • Direct Online Sharing of Document
  • Tenant users based Document Sharing
  • Share document via Email as Attachment
  • Share Document via email as Ticket URL with an expiry date
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • MS Office
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • Network Folder
  • WebService based Access
  • CMIS to Collaborate with another repository.

docEdge DMS offers you a powerful way to easily and securely share your documents.



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