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Effortless Sharing

Share Your Documents With Multiple People Effortlessly

Share Your Documents

In any business, files or documents need to be shared very often with any clients, customers, or employees. But sharing such files over emails is no more efficient today. Moreover, sharing files to multiple recipients creates multiple copies and versions floating around which could lead to a mess in the documents handling the process. This mess could lead to confusion or mistakes in the work-flow inviting losses. Thus, many businesses have already started moving from the traditional email sharing modus operandi to a smart and effortless sharing system.

docEdge DMS allows you to upload, store, find, and share any documents with any other required personnel within the system itself. No need to email multiple times to share any file, simply docEdge. It avoids creating multiple copies and versions, thus help you to stay away from juggling up of documents.

It is very important to keep sensitive data safe while share documents with any other user. docEdge provides you complete authorization to personalize the access of the document repository as per requirement and suitability. You can also email the files either as an attachment or as a ticket URL with an expiry date.

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