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FEATURESStandard EditionEnterprise Edition
Access Controls
Version Control
OCR for Image Text Search
Bulk Upload and Download as Zip
Full Text Search
eForms Management & Publish
Direct Email Capture & Email Filter
Document Sharing via
Document Rating
Document Tags
Document Archiving
Backup Management
Document Indexing
Metadata & Template Management
Document Sharing via Email
Compliance Management
Detailed Audit Trail & Reporting
Multi Tenancy
Workflow Design & Execution
Multi-lingual Support
LDAP / Active Directory Access
Web Services API
Document Scanning & Capturing
Meta Template & Tagging
Document History
Google Docs/MS Office Integration
Watched Folder
Document Indexi
Sharing Document with other Tenant &
Document Annotations
Digital Signature
Event Subscription & Notifications
Event Calendar/Scheduling Task
Mobile App (Android/iOS/Windows)
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