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In the financial services business, documents are a core component of the business. How financial documents are stored and managed plays a pivotal role in the competitiveness of a company; the efficiency of its operations, how well risks are avoided, and the accuracy of important financial decisions.

As mentioned, 90% of corporate memory exists only on paper, 7.5 % of those documents are lost daily, 4% of the remainder are misfiled. Additionally, it costs $20 to file a document, $120 to find if it has been misfiled and $220 to reproduce it if it is lost.

Database Management System Software provides an enterprise solution to this industry to organize, collaborate and capture every document seamlessly to make it go paperless.

docEdge DMS  and bpmEdge BPM Software are the two best electronic document control and automation software for insurance, banking, wealth management, mortgage, and other financial services firms.

Paper documents are converted into digital files, merging all electronic documents at a single place for best routing and workflow, unified and secure enterprise content management software. Everything is searchable and immediately retrievable along with stress-free auditing.

How docEdge DMS Software can help?

docEdge – enterprise content management software does much more than managing documents. This ECM software can be used to improve efficiency and allow financial institutes to offer better solutions and services by streamlining various activities and documents.

docEdge DMS can be incorporated into financial services firms of all sizes and types to simplify various compliance.

docEdge is the perfect enterprise content management software for the financial services sector because of its absolutely flexible features such as document classification, indexing, sharing and archiving it with a most important secured feature of digital signature that can suit big as well as small firms.

docEdge DMS can assist financial institutions to meet financial and technological challenges head-on. From reducing the cost of paper, saving costs incurred due to filing and misfiling, by integrated scanning, and saving time by organizing data structure, docEdge DMS is an invaluable tool for any financial institution.

How bpmEdge BPM Software can help?

There are staggering amounts of new regulatory requirements each year that threaten the very work-ability of many financial businesses. The question is, “How to turn these challenges into real business opportunities?”

BPM platforms provide a responsive UX that can enable financial services organizations with the ability to offer more than payment options, but also self-service offerings without “human service”.

bpmEdge Software reduces management supervision of workers with the aid of automated decisions and works as a digital worker for the whole organization.

A user-friendly, low code developed software, bpmEdge BPM Software provides a financial programmer to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

Organizations today are adopting business process management software as a must-have initiative to further their success. This is driven by many factors, the need to rationalize cost, the allure of promised results, and also the mounting peer pressure where “everyone is implementing bpmEdge BPM Software.”






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