Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Designing Digital Nervous System and Intelligence Together

Intelligent Automation

In the age of digital disruption, intelligent automation of the business process is flourishing up how business gets done. Organizations that do the best job of combining artificial intelligence with automation are ranking on the top in the leaderboard.

Intelligent automation of business process combines the speed and power of BPM, machine learning, and RPA with low-code development to achieve your business goals, optimize customer experience, and set you apart from the rest of the pack.


Smart Application

Empower your organization to work faster, smarter, and better so you can focus on what matters the most.

Business Process Management

Easily design, execute, manage and optimize enterprise processes to improve operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Automate the Enterprise

With bpmEdge BPMS Platform powerful process engine, enterprises can easily orchestrate both human and system actions into automated process flows.

Bring Business and IT Together

Improve business and IT collaboration with BPMN-based web based modelling tools that make it easy for business users to understand and IT to rapidly automate.

Robotic Process Automation

Eliminate repetitive tasks and integrate legacy systems with industry-leading Robotic Process Automation and empower your workers to deliver greater value.

Let your employees to focus on what matters most— value to your customer.

Automate Routine Tasks

Use bpmEdge Rules based RPA to automate routine, repetitive tasks across your organisation.

Eliminate Errors (Boost Accuracy)

Complete your operations faster, eliminate errors and lower operation costs by bring people and systems together into fully automated processes.


Artificial Intelligence

Make your apps smart using AI and machine learning with Appian’s native AI services and no-code integration to AI/ML platforms from Google Cloud and Amazon AWS.

Increase your business outcomes by making your applications more smarter.

bpmEdge makes AI/ML very simple with a simple, no-code, approach for quick and easy implementation, creation and setup.

Powerful, Yet Simple
Get results right now by using pre-trained machine learning models or your own to deliver predictions, inferences, and context to provide insights.

Easy, Extensible
Start quickly with bpmEdge built-in AI or services from technology partners Google Cloud, and Amazon AWS.

Immediate Business Impact
With bpmEdge, AI services are just a few clicks away to optimise the customer journey, streamline customer on-boarding, speed time to revenue, and grow.


Unite and maximise the value of your existing enterprise data, systems and web services without coding.

Quick Connect
Pre-built connectors and support for industry standards such as REST, SOAP and OpenAPI allow for data from multiple systems to be easily connected.

Reuse Your Investment
bpmEdge helps you get the most ROI out of your systems, data repositories, modern and legacy using simple, no code tools.

Low-Code Integration with Intensive Process Design
Building bridges across your systems and data happens fast and problem free .


The Power of Smart Automation

The bpmEdge BPMS platform makes it easy for organisations to build smart applications using intelligent automation to deliver business impact, increase customer engagement and improve worker efficiency.

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