Press Release

Press Release

  • Launch of bpmEdge BPMS – Power-packed Business Operation Platform

    In, March 2018, Pericent has announced the launch of the Business Process Automation and Management software products as bpmEdge BPMS, it is a second major milestone in the history of the company. This is a high-end enterprise class robust business platform is built on Java/J2EE technology platform. In line with […]

  • Launch of docEdge DMS – All-in-one, Powerpacked Enterprise class Software

    At 14 January 2017, Pericent has achieved first of its key milestone on his journey of becoming an enterprise product company, the company has launched one of its key product docEdge DMS - All-in-one Power-packed Platform in the market with a focus on private as well as government as a customer. […]

  • Digital Inside is still a long way to in Government!

    A reality check in government departments in many states by the team. Actually, we found internally almost all the departments are functioning with traditional paper based processes even current software system not enough to drive things easily! They seems to more comfortable with traditional way to operation. Even, it is […]

  • Re-birth of Pericent as Enterprise Product Company!

    After serving almost 7 years as a service company, Pericent earned nothing expect money and staff. However both money and staff are transient in nature, so the company has got no long term value while servicing on other products. So, company leadership has done a lot of mediation to take […]

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