Subscription & Notification

Document Subscriptions and Notifications

Document Subscriptions and Notifications

Get Notified Whenever Alteration Made To Any Document


The feature of subscription and notification has been added to docEdge DMS keeping in mind the awareness and security of clients crucial documents. Alterations are made in the documents very often in any business for one or the other purpose. At times, it might be possible that any employee in the organization has changed any document for any work purpose but the administration is not even aware of the changes. It may lead to a certain discrepancy or a mess in the document handling process and its usage.

Thus, we have developed this feature of subscription & notification to our docEdge DMS software so awareness could be maintained regarding any changes, alteration, addition, or removal of any particular document or file. This feature of docEdge DMS keeps the admin informed about all the changes, updates, or any other events that occur in any documents at any time.

No worries about what changes are being made in your business documents and when. docEdge will automatically alert you via notifications in your registered email id on a real-time basis so that you could check it and know if the alteration made is needful and correct or not. This process helps to avoid any future discrepancies that may occur in handling and uses of stored data.

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