Document Classification

Document Classification

Let’s Keep Your Documents Classified and Arranged.

Document Classification

Document Classification is one of the most important features of Enterprise Content Management Software. It enables the files to get managed in an orderly and classified manner.

You must be dealing with bulk information and documents in your business. Imagine, if all files are stored in a silo with no grouping, and you need a particular paper at a time. It would definitely going to be a drastic situation and might be possible that you will end up finding nothing out of that.

Organization & grouping of files is a very important task that needs to be done primarily while storing them so that you will face no burden later and find the required file or document easily. docEdge DMS is developed with an in-built feature of document classification that automatically helps to categorize different documents. You can create the segregation process as per your requirement to enhance the efficiency and effortlessness in your work-flow. Once the categorization is done, docEdge DMS will help you to find any document any time you need dexterously.

Importance and Benefits of Document Classification:

Document Categorization is not rocket science and you must be doing it regularly. Think about your home! You must have segregated all your electricity bills, rent, telephone, and other such bills in a different folder. All your educational documents are in a separate file and your official documents are kept in a different one. This practice helps you locate any of your documents in need easier. For instance, if you need your college certificate, you will directly pull out the folder in which you have kept all your educational certificates.

Now think of large businesses, they have oceans of documents and one might need to dive into the silos to get a particular file in need. But if all the documents are organized orderly in docEdge DMS, it becomes a one-click job to find any file any time on the go.

Undeniably, the proper classification of documents aids to make the work process uncomplicated.


When the information is classified, it allows role-based access and restriction of data. It means you can get control of the document management portal as per requirement. A graphic designer of your company has no use of administrative documents, so you can block the access for that employee to enter and check those files. But that same employee will have access to other required documents on the portal. This helps in increasing the security of all your important information.


The orderly arrangement of information allows a robust search-ability and saves time. When all your files are organized, it will be easier to locate the required data in no time. docEdge DMS is built up with a strong searching feature that lets you find the required document on the go. Our ECM portal supports various file formats and is developed with compatibility to run all the versions of a document either old or new. Thus, you will face zero efforts to manage your business document database.

Threat Prevention:

At times, an organization needs to have a security shield on its information to prevent theft. Insider threats are among the toughest to prevent, as they originate from employee weakness. They can be malicious to your organizational workflow and harm very critically. Although such theft could be intentional or accidental, a business should be readily secured against such chances. The categorization and control management feature of docEdge DMS allows you to build controlled access for different employees.

Apart from these features, we, at Pericent – A Document and Process Company, are looking forward to bring more aids to the entire process which will help you attain more flexibility and accuracy over accessing your business documents. The future roadmap of docEdge DMS is to provide various such categorization features:

    • Machine Learning Categorization: This feature can be useful with the availability of training data. The training data helps the categorization software to create models automatically which could be useful to detect the characteristic of new documents. It will then automatically detect the new documents and organized them as per the characteristics.
    • Topic Tagging Categorization: Training data is not required in this type of categorization. Here, you will be able to craft rule-based concept tagging on simple phrases, words, suffixes, or prefixes. Topic Tagging Categorization is a simple yet useful approach when the user is familiar with the domain and can craft accurate rules.
    • Semantic Extraction Categorization: This classification technique works on a text-based search approach. For example, you may want to see the documents related to appraisal in your organization, this feature will find you all related documents listed in the search result. Any file related to the appraisal of an employee, the documents of the appraisal of previous employees, appraisal policies document of the company, etc. This feature will find you all such related documents on your screen. Semantic Extraction Categorization is suitable when the target categories are related to the concepts which are already covered by available semantic extraction software.

The document classification technique in docEdge DMS is based on automatic categorization, which can be used separately or in combination, and provides an application programming interface to the user through both rule-based and machine learning-based techniques.

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