Multi Tenancy


Access and Manage Your Documents on a Shared Platform.

Access and Manage Your Documents

Our enterprise content management software can be set up to run multiple docEdge DMS instances on a single server while keeping the content stores separate. It allows different tenants to create a personalized environment within their assigned & accessible domain. This feature of docEdge DMS helps the superuser to share the cost with all departments of business, and share support & personnel cost.

The multi-tenancy feature enables several independent tenants to be hosted on a single instance which can be established either on a single server or across a cluster. The primary instance splits up logically in a way that each tenant could access a completely separate space of docEdge DMS. The superuser gets the full authority to access the entire profile and can assign several tenants using the Administration Panel.

Once a tenant is created and enabled, the tenant admin can log in to the docEdge DMS instance and access the Administration area within the context of their tenant domain.

The superuser administrator of the platform has the following advantages:

  • Manage system users (including usages and quotas for each user).
  • Manage users group.
  • Import information.
  • Export information.
  • Tenant customization.

The physical content for each tenant/user gets stored on a separate root directory (possibly a separate mounted drive) which allows deriving accurate disk usage by measuring the usage at the root location.

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