Search Document Instantly

Search Documents Instantly

Searching a Document in Need is Easier Than Ever Before

Search Documents Instantly

Finding a document or a file from the large physical document repository be like finding a needle in a haystack. You never know how much time it will need to find the required document, even you may end up finding nothing. Well, you might debate on this saying that it is easier to search for a document if it is stored on cloud space. But, that too sometimes invites a mess. The inefficiency of any employee using cloud storage may lead to misfiling things creating it difficult to search in the future. If any employee mistakenly renames the file while saving it, it could be a big deal for you to find the same file in the future.

Problems are everywhere and nothing is perfect in reality. But Pericent always comes with the best solution to each problem so that our clients can operate on their needful efficiently and effectively. Our docEdge DMS stores all the documents based on their indexing information. It helps you to search a document in need faster using an index search instead of manually looking through the folders. docEdge DMS locates the file quickly by searching for either by document type or referencing multiple indexing properties of the file. Index-based search is a robust search method that works based on the metadata information attached to a document.

The structure of indexes may vary depending on the usage of ECM software and the type or area of business where it is being used. For example, the Human Resource department may fetch the required document using indexes like Employee Status, Department, Role, Expire Date, etc. This capability of our ECM software lets you use multiple indexes to narrow down the results with a filtered search.


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