Archiving Documents

Archiving Documents

Find Historical Documents Anytime Through Long-Term Retention Process.


Archiving Documents


Archiving is the process of moving files that are no longer in used and might be needful in the future, to separate storage for long-term retention. Archiving a file doesn’t mean that it will never be important for the organization but there are always possibilities of the requirement of historical documents in any organization. The entity might need any file for future reference or regulatory compliance. Thus, a document management system must have a feature that allows the vendor to archive and retain important files for the long term.

docEdge DMS comes with a complete package of features including document archiving that allows the user to archive any document that could be useful in the future.

Archiving Documents Vs. Deleting Documents

Many raise this doubt in their mind that when there is an option available to delete the unnecessary files what is the need to archive them? Well, there is a good number of reasons which are enough to show the importance of archiving over deleting any documents. Laws may require any file to be kept for a specific period, internal or external audit may also require document retention. However, those files will not be in regular use for any organization but important to be kept. Moreover, there are times when information which had been thought to be no longer useful later turns out to be crucial. Thus, archiving a document aids all such requirements rather than deleting a document.

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