EDMS- Top 4 use cases in Manufacturing Firms

EDMS in Manufacturing

Our previous article presented a glance over the importance of the documentation process in manufacturing firms. Numbers of advantages of using the electronic document management system were communicated in the blog. So, this succeeding blog will be talking about the four main use cases of the EDMS system in any manufacturing firm.

The operations in manufacturing firms are not limited to just the production of logistics. But, it takes support from several other processes in the firm. Manufacturing requires the raw materials which are received through supply. The forecasting is used to manufacture a specific quantity of logistics. The management of existing and new logistics is the other big task. In the end, the transportation process helps to deliver the logistics to the retailers and customers. Communication with all the stakeholders also plays a vital role.

Most importantly, the validity of all these processes is verified by the documents only. As discussed earlier, “If is not in the documents, it didn’t happen”. The production unit, the raw material received, the transportation used, the forecast, orders, and all other data are stored in the documents only.

EDMS in the process

EDMS system helps the manufacturing firms to store and use this bulk of data in a more organized and managed way. It is neither safe nor a good idea to keep the physical files and papers for the documents of this much importance. The chances of different physical damage will always be a threat to the data and information of your firm.

Electronic Document Management System works to eliminate the chances of these risks. Moreover, the EDMS aims at smoothening the documents and information flow across the different departments & operational units of the firm.

Here are the top four user cases of EDMS in the different departments of the manufacturing industry:

Supply chain management

Supply chain management is one of the most important parts of any manufacturing firm. It works as the connecting bone between the market and the manufacturing firm. Electronic Document Management System like docEdge DMS helps to organize all the information about the supply of logistics in a well managed and digital format and thus make it more accessible.

The information about the different suppliers, the logistics received, logistics sent, the payment received and given, the quantity, date and time, etc. can be managed in a categorized and integrated system. Any paper can be signed and then sent to the other party as well. It makes the supply chain process very efficient and timeliness.

Logistics management

Manufacturing is all about logistics. A manufacturing firm makes the production strictly on a proper calculation of supply and demand. To perform this necessary calculation, the information such as demand in the market, logistics available in the market, logistics available in the warehouse, the need for new production, supply and material required for the manufacturing, and other bulk of information has to be analyzed.

All of this information comes in the form of documents. Any mistake in this process can cost a loss of millions of dollars to the firm. So, Electronic Document Management System removes the chances of mistakes and thus provides every data at the fingertips within moments.

Accuracy in accounting and finance

Due to the contribution of the different processes in the manufacturing firms, there is a lot of accounting and finance work. Taking the example, a firm has to keep a record of the payment done to different suppliers, the payment received from the other party, quantity of inventories, salary of the staff, spending on the different departments, cash in-flow, cash out-flow, and many more.

So, thousands of documents have to be managed only for accounting and finance. EDMS takes this headache away from you. The Electronic Document Management system allows you to manage all of your documentation and finance data in a digital format. So, it also becomes easier to share, retrieve and present the data for future use.

Complete control over transportation

A manufacturing firm is associated with the number of transportation service providers according to their respective market size. So, an electronic document management system helps keep a record with every transport associate and partner.

An efficient record of inventories traveling with a specific fleet along with the quantity and other specifications can be maintained. Moreover, the necessary documents can also be transferred digitally to the fleet drivers so that chances of document damage can also be avoided.

Wrapping up

EDMS has the potential of enhancing the management of different processes in manufacturing firms. It eliminates the chances of error and thus makes the documentation even smoother and well organized.

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