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Re-shape your Documentation Process- Shake Hands with Emerging Technology

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Papers were invented 2000 years ago in China which changed the face of communication forever. The appearance and ingredients of paper have changed but the purpose remained the same. The invention in any age takes place according to the need of that specific time. So, the invention of paper was undoubtedly a marvelous discovery at a time when information was limited and the use of information was also limited.

But today we live in the age of information. Millions of paper sheets are used every hour, maybe never to be looked at again. So, it indicates perfectly that the invention of paper was not meant to support the management of information in the 21st century. That’s why docEdge is here, to make the documentation process efficient, smooth, and faster.

I can bet when the paper was discovered, there were no terminologies like corporations, mail, hacking, stakeholders, breaching, etc. As a result, documents were more than sufficient to fulfill the requirements. But today, embedding the information on a piece of paper is not sufficient but the management of the information is more important. docEdge is designed considering the same.

Let’s go in detail about docEdge DMS

docEdge is a Document Management Software developed by PERICENT that helps businesses to meet their overall document processing needs. The software provides a bucket full of features to perform the numerous tasks relevant to the documentation in business. It allows multiple users to come together on the interface and share the information. Hence, docEdge leaves no scope for the communication gap in the organization.

Capabilities of docEdge to Support Documentation Process

It might be complicated to talk about the capabilities of docEdge just in the random lines of a paragraph as there are a lot of these. So, let’s talk about the capabilities one by one for a better understanding of yours.

Makes your documents digitally managed

Along with the information, it is the age of technology. So if the technology is embedded, it will always be well managed because human makes mistakes, technology doesn’t. docEdge follows the same principle and thus takes your documentation process in digital format. Having done that, completely eliminates the risk of physical damage to the documents.

docEdge works in the centralized format as well, so that you don’t have to switch between folders and files. It significantly enhances the efficiency as you got all your documents in one place- safe and secure.

Easy capture

The magnificent capture capabilities of docEdge play an important role in transforming the physical information into the digital one. Optical character recognition is the first capture method utilized by the software to make the documentation process smooth and more efficient.

OCR helps to scan the document image and thus save it in the editable pdf format. As of the current scenario, OCR is offered by very limited document management software and docEdge is proud to be one of those. Moreover, it is also capable of capturing the data through e-forms. You can also save the important emails in document formats with docEdge.

Organize better

docEdge organizes the documents using multiple features to enhance your experience. It supports all the documents formats so you don’t have to switch between applications. It has topic tagging to enhance your search experience. Ensures the auto versioning to keep your similar files stored with numbering formats. Overall, docEdge scales up our experience with the documents.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are big challenges in this age. If information gets into unethical hands, the business might need to pay a heavy price for it. So docEdge provides complete security and safety to your documents. A feature of docEdge allows you to give access to a specific person for a specific document.

Let alone the people from outside, even the employees working in your company will not be able to access the specific data as long as you chose to. So the whole of your documentation process becomes more safe and more secure than ever before.

Better traceability

docEdge provides the next-level traceability feature for the documents. It understands that data is very precious to business and thus keeps every record of it. With docEdge, you will be able to trace every single detail about the person sharing the document, the time of sharing, the person receiving the document, the person editing, opening, and reading the document as well as the identify the changes that have been made in the document and many more.

Take away

So, give your organization a treat by instilling the technology in the process. Make the document safe, secure, and well-managed and increase the life of these important sources of information.

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