The umbrella of BPM eco-system

Blog 5BThe umbrella of BPM eco-system,

is an umbrella platform of execute, monitor, analyse, improve end to end business process, as everything happens in an organisation is part of a business process. It ensures everything in sync including across, customers, departments, vendors, governmental, social interfaces.

It can’t be build by implementing one major BPM project in an organisation as I did notice in majority of case studies I have read till now talk about implementation of 1-2 major processes to achieve organisation wide results of efficiency. I strongly believe that it is rather a continuous step by step implementation of BPM project with year to year agenda, which is accountable on ROI.

The complete BPM eco-system implementation includes Mash of processes of various categories like conscious processes to execute day to day interaction, sub-conscious, which are background processes. I also noticed in various major organisations the IT infrastructure having lots of Island of proprietary technologies, even keep adding/changing more ready to use solutions every years to accomplished short terms results.

Here, the BPM eco-system can primarily serves as umbrella platform to accommodate existing legacy systems underneath as well as integration with new upcoming business requirements.

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