“Digital Inside”, mostly not yet done or just done partially!

Digital Inside

I have witnessed that many bigger organizations yet not have a real Digital Inside that is because of end-to-end automation and integrated business processes. Most of IT implementations are rather a record management system. A lot of initiative has been taken by the leadership of the organization, however, it doesn’t catch up in-depth top to down integrated implementation of processes. Sometimes, it is more like marketing of implementation is done on branded products rather focus on understanding the real value of investment done by the organization.  Even, many times follow what others are doing, let go the same way without having thoughtful analysis in the context of your business like these days hype of RPA, AI, ML, BigData, etc.

Without adopting business process automation and management methodology and system, how can a bigger organization guarantee a good experience to all its stakeholders?  In one the report of Mc Kinency that only 37% of processes have been automated, I believe, it is even much lesser in reality.

Even, I have personally observed so many times, that an important vendor or customer-related processes become inefficient because of human inefficiency, depends on human efficiency allocated to take the process forward. Here, what if rather processes become self-sufficient to drive expected performance irrespective of particular human efficiency not ERP way rather BPM way.  Most of the processes should be auto-initiated based on event or time schedule.

Most of the organizations have taken their IT initiatives, which finally end up with the same silos implementation around the monolithic ERP system. seems to be only full proof technology, doesn’t need much of innovation, risk, etc.

However, according to one of Google’s recent reports, ERP covers only 20% of processes in the medium to large organizations. How about the majority of unorganized or unstructured processes, which are 80% of total operations. This 80 % of operations are driven by email and excel-sheet, which are completely under the blessing of humans, which is variable in nature.

These emails and excel sheets are a few major tools actually to drive most of the business operations including internal and external almost everywhere in the world. Ultimately, these emails copy or excel-sheets become well-printed copy to present to concern person manually.  You might agree with me that such email and excel are quite easy, unstructured, loosely coupled and passive tools to drive your businesses.

Now, questions are about how we get real value, how we can make things better and let digital technology to drive your operations more efficiently.

Here, I strongly suggest maximizing the use of a business process management approach and platform to establish a digital nerve system in your organization. And, ensure every end is connected to enable correlation, hence Digital IQ in the organization.

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