Key Capabilities while Selecting BPM Platform

Blog 9Below are Key capabilities to consider, before selecting a bpm platform,

Single Sign-On (SSO)

bpmEdge Business Process Management (BPM) solution have a SSO feature. Single Sign-On allows a user to log in with one set of credentials across multiple independent software platforms. This helps IT teams grant access and track activity. Some BPM systems offer Single Sign-On, but they may be quite limited in their options. Make sure they offer the kind you need.


bpmEdge Business Process Management (BPM) solution should absolutely be able to be integrated with existing and even new software systems. Very few companies have any use for a BPM solution that cannot communicate with other core software systems. Without the ability to integrate, you will be doing a lot of manual data transfers back and forth which effectively kills the net gain of automation. Without powerful integrations, business process management tools are a complete failure.

Reporting and Analytics

bpmEdge Business Process Management (BPM) include reporting and analytics; this is a no-brainer. Reporting on form data should be powerful and customisable. You should be able to generate reports that tell you the average time it takes to complete individual step and entire items, a snapshot of all open items and how often an item gets rejected or rerouted.

Process Performance Metrics

bpmEdge Business Process Management (BPM)’s Process Performance Metrics helps enterprises spot issues with a process and makes meaningful decisions to improve ineffective processes. In a BPM solution, the Process Performance Metrics are automatically captured system data that is evaluated  by the process administrator to identify whether a problem is a result of poor process modeling and / or execution.

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