Can we replace ERP with BPM or are they complementary?

Blog 4Can we replace ERP with BPM or are they complementary?

The people are getting confused since working in both BPM/ERP, as BPM/ERP is not just software, but a “holistic management approach” or a “business strategy“. Business Process Management (BPM) revolves around business processes.

However, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) revolves around organisational resources and business functions. Can a BPM software solution replace an ERP system? Yes, in many cases BPM can replace an ERP system.

I believe, once a business has implemented all its function on BPM based platform, having a more transparent system with change agility, more better visualisation of business operational blueprint, highly configurable, easily up-gradable to new compliance, much lower IT cost, achieve more ROI.

Moreover, every business has its own unique nature even many internal functions are common and standard, similar to if we can compare it with human body and mind, as every human body/mind is built using same mechanism, still every human unique nature to operate, to achieve results accordingly.

Also, let me compare in other way, ERP is ready to eat, just make it hot and eat, BPM platform is rather like cooking your own food, as per your specific need, and you know the ingredients used, can digest well.

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