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Digital Inside is still a long way to in Government!

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Digital Inside is still a long way to go in Government!

A reality check in government departments in many states by the team. Actually, we found internally almost all the departments are functioning with traditional paper based processes even current software system not enough to drive things easily! They seems to more comfortable with traditional way to operation. Even, it is risky and cumbersome to operate manually. Does that means government require a revolutionary changes to establish digital IQ in their processes by establishing integrated digital nerve system in core of their operations?

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Build Organization Digital IQ with bpmEdge – An integrated full stack platform let you Digitally Connect Everything to Everything

Blog 3Build Digital IQ of an organisation by embracing bpmEdge BPMS software platform by implementing an integrated digital nervous system.  The bpmEdge software platform aim to help companies orchestrate resources, route work to the right people, automate routine manual tasks, and enable self-service where none existed before.

In a business landscape where companies need to be more agile and ever, always ready to pivot, the bpmEdge BPMS software platform helped line-of-business and IT departments align their goals and work together more efficiently.

Pericent is taking proactive efforts to extend capabilities of bpmEdge BPMS software platform by building various adapters to extend bpmEdge work-step’s library for essential technology frameworks.

These adapters are used in modelling and implementation of processes with certain advance functions like artificial intelligent decisions, machine learning, google vision and video analysing adapters and even big data analytics.

  • OmniChannel Strategy, here bpmEdge as BPM technology platform plays a critical role to successfully achieve Digitisation and Omni-channel strategy across the enterprise. Digitalisation cannot be achieved without aligning back-end processes with front end (consumer facing business areas), and BPM can be the key enabler for that.
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning/cognitive API adapters in bpmEdge BPMS platform would be ready to integrate with AI platform like Google Cloud AI. It enable the ability to automate and update decisions based on continuous evaluation of incoming data within particular business process.
  • Internet of Things devicesrepresent in form of adapters as system activity that integrate with any particular business to activate when sense a signal event and do respond to events and information about their environments and even how products are being used.
  • Data analyticsplugged in bpmEdge BPMS platform can centralise data and provides insights to decision makers and applications based on data coming in from across their enterprises and beyond.
  • Robotic process automationenables the automation of routine manual tasks with integrated tagUI framework.
  • Business Rules management integrated using Rule Task in bpmEdge BPMS platform enable decision makers to assemble, on demand, decision matrix and Ruleset that drive business processes.
  • Micro-servicesadapters in bpmEdge BPMS platform provide the means to quickly place and launch essential applications when are where they are needed.


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