This Independence Day – Let’s Get Free From Physical Papers

Let’s Take Another Step To Make A New India – A Digital India

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Thousands Laid Down Their Lives So That Our Country Breath This Day.

–Never Forget Their Sacrifice.


Pericent BPM & DMS Software Private Limited Proudly Wishes You a Very Happy and Cheerful Independence Day.

It’s been a long way that we have come after 1947. Yes! Today, we are proud Indians and we proudly celebrate the day of 15th August as Independence Day of India. Although, it’s an undeniable fact that every Indian is aware of the proud history of our country. There are still many attributes where we are not completely independent. Since our first Independence Day, our country has developed and changed a great deal. Not only on political grounds but also in many other aspects like lifestyle, education, business, economic, etc.

However, one of the greatest changes which have been witnessed is the growing technology and its aids to the business and economic growth of the country. Undoubtedly, most of the organizations which worked with manual interference have switched to fully or partly automation to their processes with the help of innovations and techniques. Technology has been proven as the greatest aid to the success of many businesses in the last decade. Why should we live behind the corners? Update your work process, adopt innovations, and take a step to contribute to making India fully digitized.

One of the major problems seen in every business organization is juggling up with the paper documents when in need. Of course, documents are required daily, and when there are file-logs, it becomes harder to find one in need. The bigger the organization, the bigger the size of their documents repository/silos. Have you thought of going paperless concerning document management in your business to smooth up the process and open up doors for more opportunities?

Let’s Get Free From Physical Papers This Independence Day.

Adopt the best Document Management Software to aid your documents handling process digitally. You could save a good time which allows you to think of other business opportunities and to invest in other organizational activities. Moreover, a suitable document management software can let you manage all your business documents and files swiftly at any time from anywhere. Furthermore, a DMS comes with plenty of benefits that enhance your business work-flow experience to the next level.

Adopt more e-Document based procedures for effective and efficient management of documents. Save Trees Go Green! This Independence Day, let’s step together to get rid off the load of physical paper documents.

We, at Pericent BPM & DMS Software Private Limited, aims to aid your business document handling and business process management with fully-compatible platforms. Our docEdge DMS is developed with robust coding that enables you to operate on all your documents effortlessly. The bpmEdge BPMS provides strong yet efficient management to your business process. Our motive is to provide best experience of document management and business process management by setting you up free from Physical Documents. save trees and go green.

Book a demo today to see how efficiently our products can help you in your business document management and business process management.


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