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OCR – Search Any Document with Just a Random Keyword You Remember

(ocr) optical character recognition

Time is money and it is never a good idea to waste it searching for a document from folder to folder and file to file. If you are above the age of 20, I can bet you must have experienced the same scenario in your life. We all know a person who spends the whole of his life providing the right document at the right place at right time. Yesterday, it used to take a month to deliver a message from one address to another one. But today, it takes just a moment. Kudos to technology.

Introduction to OCR

So don’t you think, the technology must be having a solution for this documentation problem as well? Obviously, it has, and the name of the solution is Optical Character Recognition. The solution has such capability that let alone the folder, you don’t even need to remember the name of the document to search.

So, OCR is basically a feature that makes the number of tasks very easy. There is no longer a need to store the piles of documents in your office when you can do it on the digital podium. Here, we are not asking you to store thousands of documents images on the computers. OCR is very ahead of it. We understand that storing the documents is not enough because editing, signing, and retrieving the documents are more important functions of a document. That’s where the OCR shows up.

Working principle of OCR

When you scan the document, OCR technology will read each and every word and will save it as a pdf file instead of an image. But wait, it is a very small portion of what OCR can do. It is obvious that you will save your document with a name. But remembering the name of multiple documents is the real headache, isn’t it? Here comes the OCR. Instead of putting the name of the document, now you will be putting the random keyword that you remember from the document, and boom, OCR will bring the document right in front of you.

Most of the time, we don’t remember the name of a document but remember what the document carried in it. So, OCR makes this little information sufficient to get the document and present it to you within moments.

Functions of OCR

1. Scans the document, not the image: most document scanners are capable of capturing the image only. On the other hand, OCR helps to capture the real document, its properties & information to save it in the digital format.

2. Reads the text: to ensure that you don’t have to remember the name of the document, OCR technology reads every word of it. Every single text is fed into the system to provide the best experience for you.

3. Makes searching easier and more fun: you are not a machine to cram everything and no one understands it better than OCR. So, just type in some words you remember about the document and OCR will provide you with the right document at the right place at right time.

Wrapping Up

So, it can be stated that Optical Character Recognition is an effective solution to provide relief from the headache of finding out the right document from the pile without having sufficient information. With OCR, you don’t only store and manage your documents in the digital format, but you also enhance their traceability and availability. Optical character recognition takes you a step closer to the automation of documents.

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