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Technology Product Adoption via Marketing Emotions or Emotionless Meditation

Marketing emotions or meditation for product adoption

A day before I was reading an article about the major reason for driving buyer decisions is marketing emotions or logical reasons. Here, it is a true fact that marketing drives emotions for product adoption most of the time. At the same time, the business leaders also well experienced to understand what would benefit their organization, still many times, they are forced to follow the trend of the industry, marketing hype and without digging the surface.

Marketing directly or indirectly can easily create a perspective of the product adoption and to sometimes artificially drive the need in the market by a lot of articulated articles to somehow align buyers towards its need. Even, many “strategy and consulting” companies, who define trends in the market drive preset hypes created around those products due to the commercial’s interest.

The second important reason, which affects the buying decision is the references, who else is using particular products and makes it easy for them to decide without taking any risk on own shoes. Definitely, that reduces the risk, however, it also reduces the understanding of the actual need of the product in the context of their organization.

I have quite observed, almost every other organization is following the same pattern except a few who really want to disrupt and want to take the risk to think or rethink differently and build an ecosystem not just to the specific problem, but to solve many things while solving that one problem.

Rather than following the rule of the same game everywhere, its time to do meditate every day every time about ‘what is right, ‘how much we actually understand’, ‘what fits well’ and most importantly ‘what does it mean in the context of your organization before you plan to invest your budget.

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