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No Upfront Cost or One Time Investment

Perfectly Built for Small Businesses or Professionals

docEdge DMS Basic is a complete enterprise content management software that provides great enterprise content management features. It is easy-to-use, powerful, and cost-effective ECM software that allows small businesses and individuals to centralize the management, organize, search, permission control, and share documents.

docEdge DMS Basic is a starting point to the paperless office concept for small businesses or individuals that require a complete enterprise content management software solution or for large organizations that wish to start small.

The search engine provides a fast, easy, and powerful way to find documents in the document repository which saves time and ultimately reduces cost. It is the fastest Out of BOX enterprise content management software Solution for Small and Medium Businesses. It fulfills the needs of many vertical markets, including manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, utilities, universities, and government agencies.

Key Features

  • Completely Web-based Solution
  • Accessible over Network
  • Document Version Control
  • Simplified Document Search
  • Document Categorisation & Tagging
  • Document Preview & Share
  • Event Subscription & Notifications
  • Granular Level Security & Permission

Deployment Model

Offering multiple deployment options, giving you the flexibility to leverage docEdge Basic DMS based on the model that best suits your business needs and your budget.

On-Premise Deployment

If your organization has already invested in existing servers and systems, or if you have other business considerations mandating the use of an on-premise solution deployed behind your company firewall, the traditional docEdge Basic DMS on-premise deployment approach is right for you.

 Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based document and enterprise content management provides SaaS flexibility associated with licensing and scalability (such as the ability to easily expand storage, or to add user licenses as necessary) — without significant capital expenditure and incremental resources to support it. In addition, cloud-based solutions offer inherent remote access to company documents.


If you want to learn more about our product features and services, please Contact Us. You can also Register for a Free Trial to get a first-hand experience of these great enterprise content management features.

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