Business Process Management

Enterprise Process Automation Platform

Flexible, Agile, Rule-Driven and Integration-enabled


bpmEdge BPMS is a comprehensive platform, built on an enterprise technology, highly enriched with all requisite features to automate and manage various sorts of business processes. It can accommodate any business process from simple to complex or even a process-mesh which will enhance overall visibility and collaborative efficiency of the organization

Unstructured Business Process Automation:

Automate simple/structured and complicated/ unstructured/ critical/ case processes effortlessly.
Business Policy/Rule Management: Build, draft, and publish business policies and configure business rules, decision matrix as per your requirements.

Monitoring Business Processes:

Use benchmarking, criticality calculation, quality assurance methods. Categorize priorities, see Gantt chart of process instance, and monitor status of activities in “Traffic Light” form.

Metadata of Processes Anytime:

Can easily access and manage metadata of any process at any time and place. Empowers stack holders to make quick decisions or adjustments.

Ad-hoc Report Builder:

Generate simple or complex reports out-of-box using wizard through process instance and activity instance data/metadata. Schedule report delivery either at one time or on the recurring intervals.

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