Document Management System

Document Management System – Frequently Asked Questions


What is Document Management?

Document Management is the process of managing documents through their lifecycle. From inception through creation, review, storage and dissemination all the way to their archival or weeding out.

What Document Formats docEdge Support?

docEdge allows users to create, manage, share and distribute any form of electronic document using any desktop software or tool. Word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, reports, forms, audio, video, artwork, photographs, engineering documents, drawings, and virtually any other file format can be stored and managed in docEdge. Best of all, it’s very easy to use and you can access your documents from anywhere at any time over the Internet.

How could my company or organization benefit from using a document management system?

It can help you and your company be more efficient with your time which will save you money. Document management systems can: capture, index, retrieve, edit, annotate and distribute paper, electronic documents and images via a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), fax, e-mail, printer, or the internet link other software to your document management system for a customized solution and images via a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), fax, e-mail, printer, or the internet link other software to your document management system for a customized solution and even distribute large amounts of information in a wide range of formats using CD or DVD technology. Document management is a way to easily manage your paper files electronically and create more office space as well as saving time instead of spending precious minutes trying to find that paper document. Paper documents are scanned in and made into an image file (such as .tif) and filed electronically onto computer storage hardware. You can easily retrieve, annotate, index and archive these files.

Do you have to be a computer genius to operate docEdge?

No. Any person who can operate and use internet / web based application environment will have no trouble quickly accessing the documents they are looking for. Our system is extremely user-friendly and easy to master.

Can I extend use of the system into my client, customer, and/or vendor base?

Yes, you can extend docEdge’s use.

Is it easy to use?

The UI of docEdge is user friendly and is designed in such a way that you can easily work on it without having any pressure on mind.

Does docEdge allow for version control?

Yes, docEdge provides version control functionality.

Can the system help implement and enforce company policies?

Absolutely, you can modify and implement any policy according to your need.

What’s your after-sales support like?

We have dedicated team that provide solutions to all your queries and problems 24*7, through

May we modify the look/feel of the docEdge interface?


Is the system folder-based or structured like a database?

Folder based.

What type of Document Management system do you provide?

On-Premises as well as SaaS.

I have used the online demo of docEdge. Are all the features included, or are there extra components?

All the features presented in demo are there. But, we have added more functionality in its upcoming versions.

Can docEdge work on tablet devices?


Does docEdge integrate with MS Office?


What return on investment (ROI) can I expect?

The time when you step up from manual process to docEdge for your documents, you yourself feel the ROI in terms of time, management, revenue etc.

How do I get my existing electronic documents into the system?

You can either directly upload or scan. docEdge also provides a feature named hot folder for this purpose.

How is docEdge DMS better than the other Document Management Systems?

Please have a glance at comparison metrics.

What operating systems can docEdge support?

Windows, Linux.

Which Internet Explorer versions are supported?

All versions are supported, but we prefer you should use latest version.


How do I store documents in docEdge?

By the option Add document, you can store documents in docEdge.

What types of documents can be stored?

Any type of document, whether its word document, pdf or image can be stored in docEdge.

How do you save multiple copies of different versions of the same document?

docEdge provides versioning of documents through version control feature so that you can save multiple copies of different versions in the same document.

Where and how do you store the documents, indexes, and OCR data?

All the documents, indexes and OCR data are stored in docEdge vault through multiple ways like: drag & drop , bulk upload, Scanning & indexing, Windows docEdge feature.

Is there a storage limit?

No, there is no storage limit from our side; it completely depends on your device storage capacity.

Can docEdge convert MS Word, HTML or Excel documents into PDF document?

Yes, docEdge provides you functionality of converting any document into PDF document.

Are documents stored in a proprietary format?


Can I sort or group my documents?

Yes, docEdge provides folder based structure so that you can easily sort or group your documents.

Is there any limitation on a document's physical size (i.e. number of pages, dimensions, etc.)?


Can I add additional pages to an existing document?

Yes, you can add additional pages to any document. You just have to mark the document as “check-out”, add the pages and mark it “check-in” again.

Can I add searchable comments or notes to a document?


Is there any limitation on the number of documents I can store?

No, there are no limitations on the number as well as size of the document.

Can I add annotations to a document?


Can anyone view or edit docEdge documents using windows explorer or any other file manager?

Yes, as it is a web based software, but the user must have authorization for that.

I would like to control the content of my folders. Can docEdge help in Configuration Management?


Can docEdge compress images?


Can I generate reports with docEdge?


Can I archive my documents to a CD, DVD, external hard drive or pen drive?


Is there a formula you can give us for determining storage requirements?

The admin can see the storage matrices on its dashboard.


Is there a file size limit when uploading documents?


Is there a bulk upload feature?


Can I export my documents from docEdge into a Windows folder?



How can I retrieve my documents?

Through mail, export, download, preview.

Can you search by file name, indexes and OCR text, or any combination of the 3?

Yes, docEdge provides different level searching capabilities.

Can our remote workers send documents directly to folders?

Yes, but they should have authorized login id and password.

Can i drag & drop documents into my folder in docEdge?


Can I easily stack documents to assemble new documents?


Where do items that i have deleted from my folder go?

In recycle bin.

Can I instantly access all of my corporate information?

Yes, anytime.. anywhere..

Can I retrieve a document I accidentally deleted?

Yes, from recycle bin folder.

Is the content of every document in the system text-searchable?


Are all documents in the system accessible on a mobile device?


Does it include and support electronic signatures?


What is a Workflow?

Workflow is an IT technology which uses electronic systems to manage and monitor business processes. It allows the flow of work between individuals and/or departments to be defined and tracked. Although Documents are often used as a medium for transporting information in a Workflow system, it is mostly associated with Document Management where the Workflow system is used to track the process of creating and reviewing and distributing Documents.

Does the system allow more than one person to work on a document at a time?


Is the system diverse enough to work across all of the departments of my business and from different locations?


How will the system help me to track documents throughout the workflow process?

You can attach the relevant documents in the workflow process.

What type of workflows can the system support and how are they constructed?

docEdge supports all types of workflows. To learn to construct a workflow, please go through our user manual/ training manual.


Is there software to install?

Yes. Software required for docEdge setup are: • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) • CentOS Linux 6 (32-bit and 64-bit) • Ubuntu 14 (32-bit and 64-bit) • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server (32-bit and 64-bit) • Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) • MAC OS X Lion (OS X 10.8) • Java JDK 8

Do we need a System Administrator?

No, you can make any reliable person, System admin.

What are the system requirements of docEdge?

There are different hardware and software requirements for complete docEdge setup. Please visit our: Support > System Requirements section.

Are basic training materials available for distribution to users?


Do you offer an upgrade program? Are all upgrades backwards compatible?


Where it will be installed?

On your organization’s server.

How does the docEdge licensing work?

You can have license either according to number of users or number of days.

Can docEdge integrate with third party software systems?


Does it work with other software I want to use?


Can I work remotely through a full-Windows client as well as a browser?


Which scanner would you recommend I use with DMS?

You can use any scanner according to your requirements.

Can I OCR my documents and search through the full text?


How are my documents captured?

Through scanning.

Do you retain the original file name and date when scanned and/or uploaded in electronic format?


Can I scan a document either as PDF or TIFF image document?


What is imaging?

Imaging is a method for converting paper documentation into an electronic format, using scanners and associated techniques such as Optical Character Recognition, etc. Through Imaging, paper-based documents are converted to electronic format for introducing in a Document Management System.

Does a digitized document lose its original format or quality when scanned?

No. The document on the screen looks exactly like the original document, including all images, handwritten notes, signatures, etc. However, the quality of the digital document depends on the scanning quality. If you print a well-scanned document, the print copy will look “exactly” the same as original document.

What if I am using a network scanner?

That won’t be an issue.

Can I use DMS to scan through a Remote Desktop?


Will I need to buy scanning equipment or special software?


Should I shred the hardcopies of my documents once I have scanned them?

You can but we advise you to keep them.

Can I share my documents after they have been captured?


Can I photocopy a barcode coversheet and then submit it?

No. Photocopying coversheets will not work. The reason is that photocopy machines will distort the image of the barcode and will cause it to fail.

Can the OCR engine keep pace with the scanner?



Can I e-mail documents?


Can I save email directly into docEdge?


Does it have email integration and document encryption for attachments?


Will the system automatically enter incoming faxes and emails?


Can I link a document to a web page or to other document?

Yes, docEdge provides virtual linking of documents.

What type of mail protocol is used for email notifications?



What is the price of the full product?

Please visit our Price Section.

What is the cost and how long does it take?

Software cost varies according to number of users and time period. For price details, kindly visit our Price section.

Can you provide list pricing for all components (e.g.-software, add-in modules, user licenses, etc.)?

Yes, you can have all the details from our Price Section.

Do you provide an Evalwwwion Version/Trial Copy of docEdge?

Yes, we provide 30 days trial version.

Can we bundle docEdge into our software or service?


How is docEdge licensed?

By end user agreement.

What are the price components of the system and how are they broken out?

Software, modules, add-on functionalities, user license are the major pricing components.


How many security levels do you have?

DocEdge provides security at admin, user, group, third party level.

What if I lose all my documents how does docEdge manage & backup data?

The major benefit of having docEdge is that your document is never lost, even if you delete a document from recycle bin, that document is always present at the admin side.

Can managers easily monitor the progress of employees to help evenly distribute tasks and ensure productivity?


How secure are my documents in docEdge DMS?

docEdge is highly secure system in which each user is assigned unique user ID and password. Users are assigned rights and privileges on document classes. Roles enable the user to perform administrative functions, whereas access rights are the permissions to access modify and delete documents. Also documents are AES encrypted and stored so even if users have access to hard-drive they cannot open the document.

How many people can use this?

It depends on the license you have.

Does it retain a complete revision history and audit trail for all documents?

Yes, you can view that in docEdge’s cockpit

Does the system offer the same security even off site?


How can I tailor security to suit my needs?

By giving access authorization at different levels.

Can I restrict users from performing different functions such as viewing, printing, emailing or exporting?


Do your document management products tightly integrate with all major accounting and ERP systems?


Can I see who is performing what action on my documents?

Yes, you can view all the actions performed on any document in cockpit.

Is docEdge legally compliant?

Yes, docEdge is SEC and HIPAA compliant.

What kind of encryption does the system use for passwords and image storage?

All documents are AES encrypted and stored.

Does the system protect all files from being tampered with?


Are documents in the system as legally valid as the original?


Does the system track every action performed by each user with details such as workstation, network address, time and date?


Who will be in charge of it and maintain it?

You can make any reliable person in charge and that person will maintain docEdge.

How can I protect sensitive information on a document or highlight important content?

By specifying access rights to users.

In a catastrophic failure (e.g. – loss of the database), is any data lost?

Not if you have backup.

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