Robotic Automation


Robotic Automation is performed using certain software robots  Earlier, these  software robots has been used in automated software testing, but now its use has been expanded in business process automation. Software robots can be built or trained to undertake any repetitive processing work. They handle particularly well repeatable rule-based OCR text processing tasks.

A software robot meets the strict security standards, since it doesn’t save any processed data. It is assigned with the same user rights than people carrying out the same task, and no changes are required to the applications in use.

Such Software robots can be built utilising business rules and AI/ML APIs reach the same benefit in productivity than in outsourcing but by maintaining the control of operations within the organisation.

bpmEdge BPM platform is using Business Rules as transparent robot to repeatedly process text extracted from a document using OCR. Even, business rules can be further tuned handle various complex scenarios of processing and decisioning.

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