More than 70% of BPM Implementation Got Failed!

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Are we really done a thoughtful Automation of Business Processes?

Are we really satisfied with ROI and able to better automate, measure and track important processes?

Was it to improve bottom-line or top-line or compliance or accountability or what else?

Or just want to automate approvals in financial processes like AP/AR, how does it affect organisation’s bottom-line or top-line or was it to improve experience of your vendor or client or just internal team? Or, it could be possible to, just adopted BPM as other are doing the same.

As we know that more than 70% of BPM implementations got failed, either not achieved the business objective or not delivered ROI. Be careful, the success of BPM project is majorly depends on the approach that more aligned to understanding/analysis in context of your business needs, not just to buy a branded BPM platform.

I am sure, every organisation drive their business operations using one to hundred of processes including both conscious and sub-conscious processes( we will discuss later about both conscious and sub-conscious process).

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