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Can We Replace ERP with BPM or Are They Complementary?

erp and bpm


People are often confused between ERP and BPM. What exactly are they? What are their similarities and differences? Can we replace ERP with BPM or are they complementary? Let us find out.

What is ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is integrated and automated management of business processes. It is a system that uses a number of integrated applications to collect, store, manage, and analyze data for several different business activities. It is a central database that functions as a single source of authentic truth.

What is BPM?

BPM (Business Process Management) is an approach to capture and improve end-to-end business processes. The aim is to improve an organization’s efficiency. It uses various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize and automate business processes. It automates repeatable processes to drive faster and better results.

What are the similarities and differences between ERP and BPM?

Both BPM and ERP are not just software but a ‘holistic management approach’ or a ‘business strategy’. However, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) revolves around organizational resources and business functions.

While Business Process Management (BPM) revolves around business processes. One of the key differences between the two is that BPM is much more process-focused whereas ERP is limited to organizational functions.

Can a BPM software solution replace an ERP system?

Yes, we believe in many cases BPM software can replace an ERP system. Every business has a unique nature even if many of its internal functions are common and standard. Like every human body has a similar structure but is still different from each other.

Similarly, businesses might look similar on the surface but each business has different operation needs. BPM helps businesses create, organize and automate their repeatable processes. Once a business has implemented all its functions on a BPM-based platform, it will have a more transparent system. That way it will gain better visualization of its operational blueprint and as a result, can work on becoming more agile.

To give you another example, Enterprise Resource Planning is like ordering takeout while Business Process Management is like cooking your own meal according to your own specific needs.

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The umbrella of BPM eco-system


BPM is an umbrella platform for executing, monitoring, analyzing, improve end to end business processes, as everything that happens in an organization is part of a business process. It ensures everything is in sync including across, customers, departments, vendors, governmental, social interfaces.

It can’t be built by implementing one major BPM project in an organization as I did notice in the majority of case studies I have read till now talk about the implementation of 1-2 major processes to achieve organization-wide results of efficiency. I strongly believe that it is rather a continuous step-by-step implementation of the BPM project with year to year agenda, which is accountable on ROI.

The complete Business Process Management eco-system implementation includes Mash of processes of various categories like conscious processes to execute day-to-day interaction, sub-conscious, which are background processes. I also noticed in various major organizations the IT infrastructure has lots of Island of proprietary technologies, even keep adding/changing more ready to use solutions every years to accomplish short terms results.

Here, the BPM eco-system can primarily serve as an umbrella platform to accommodate existing legacy systems underneath as well as integration with new upcoming business requirements.

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More than 70% of BPM Implementation Got Failed!

 BPM Implementation

Are we really done a thoughtful Automation of Business Processes? Are we really satisfied with ROI and able to better automate, measure, and track important processes? Was it to improve bottom-line or top-line or compliance or accountability or what else?

Or just want to automate approvals in financial processes like AP/AR, how does it affect the organization’s bottom-line or top-line or was it to improve the experience of your vendor or client or just internal team? Or, it could be possible to, just adopted BPM as others are doing the same.

BPM Implementation Got Failed

As we know that more than 70% of BPM implementation got failed, either not achieving the business objective or not delivering ROI. Be careful, the success of the BPM project is majorly dependent on the approach that is more aligned to understanding/analysis in the context of your business needs, not just to buy a branded BPM platform.

I am sure, every organization drives its business operations using one to a hundred processes including both conscious and subconscious processes.A business process management failure is avoidable if you know the right methodology and partner with the right BPM Solution. Our team is here to help you every step of the way, so request a Demo.

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docEdge DMS – A 2019 Rising Star in Document Management Software – Finance Online

Blog 7Pericent, in its continued efforts to deliver intelligent and powerful business applications, is incredibly honored to win the 2019 Rising Star award from FinancesOnline for its document management solution, docEdge DMS. This esteemed recognition is reserved to B2B and SaaS products that have garnered highly favorable customer feedback and are seen by clients as an efficient tool for solving their day-to-day challenges.

The Rising Star award is an important milestone for docEdge DMS document management , as it serves as a testimony to the reliability of the platform in managing all types of documents for businesses. Since it was launched in 2017, docEdge DMS has been one of the top recommended alternatives for document management thanks to its efficiency in helping thousands of users effectively manage, control, and monitor their documents.

FinancesOnline noted a 90% user satisfaction rating for docEdge DMS via its Customer Satisfaction Algorithm. This behavior-based algorithm gathered all forms of customer feedback and opinions across the internet.

FinancesOnline also performed a comprehensive analysis of docEdge DMS and identified us as one of the best document management software for mac. Moreover, they conferred us with the Premium Usability award for 2019 in recognition of its great user experience.

Among the key highlights from their evaluation are:

  • The “rich” set of tools in docEdge DMS’s Advanced Edition, which allows users to accomplish large volumes of documents “effortlessly.”
  • Hassle-free searching of documents.
  • Easy access to any data source.
  • Full document control and utmost security through permissions and access settings.
  • Easy document sharing on various popular document sharing platforms.  

Thanks to FinancesOnline for the positive review!

If you were satisfied with docEdge DMS, please post a user review on FinancesOnline and tell us what you think about our software.

Review it on Finance Online

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